Big Brother: Sam Giffen explains the connection between him and Ryan Ruckledge

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Big Brother: Sam Giffen has now explained the connection between himself and The Others' Ryan Ruckledge, shedding some light on why things are so tense between the pair.

Last night (9 June), viewers saw Ryan explosively react to seeing Sam in the main house. He is currently part of The Others and on finding out that Sam is an official housemate, Ryan declared: "Get me into that f***ing house now. That guy is going to wish I was never in the f***ing place, I swear to God…I am raging."

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Big Brother's Ryan Ruckledge realises Sam Giffen connection - 9 June 2016

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Now, Sam (who is unaware that Ryan is currently living in Big Brother's second house) has explained why things have turned so sour between them.

He had accused Ryan of trying to "be him" in his VT and in a chat with Lateysha Grace, Sam admits things had "proper kicked off" between himself and Ryan.

He explains: "We were friendly one point years ago, we were from the same town. We used to go on nights out, not just us two, but with other people and it just got weird."

Sam continues: "He started trying to be best mates with all my best mates. He'd ask people, 'How much money is Sam taking out because I'll take the same?' and stuff like that. You know just a bit weird? I had to distance myself from it.

"I realised he was really not my kind of person, I kept my distance from him and people have made it into this big rivalry. It proper kicked off because people wanted it to... He was proper over the top. I was just like, 'Mate sit the f**k down. Go home and get a bath because you f**king stink. Go and wash your fake tan off, mate.'"


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For the first time this series, Big Brother has two houses. While the main compound is currently inhabited with housemates, BB's second pad hosts The Others and they are on a mission to bring down the housemates and steal their place in the other house.

But, of course, it wouldn't be Big Brother without a twist to stir things up and The Others are actually connected in some way to the housemates. As well as Sam and Ryan being ex-pals, The Others' Charlie recently learned her ex-boyfriend Jason is a housemate.


So far, she and the rest of The Others have targeted Laura Carter and Alex Cannon - putting them both up for Big Brother's first eviction. Both Laura and Alex then had to choose a fellow housemate to nominate, choosing Lateysha Grace and Andy West to face eviction with them.

However, Big Brother has revealed its first eviction twist. Tonight, TWO housemates will think they are being evicted by the public, but it's The Others that will decided their fate.

AND they won't exactly be leaving. Instead, the TWO chosen for eviction will be joining The Others...

Big Brother airs nightly on Channel 5.

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