Geordie Shore: Gary Beadle ends romance with Charlotte Crosby: "It's never going to work"

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Geordie Shore: Gaz Beadle tells Charlotte Crosby their relationship is "never going to work", as he ends their romance in the final episode of Big Birthday Battle.

MTV had teased that it was all over for Charlotte and Gary, and it seems like he isn't keen to give things another go following her kiss with Marty McKenna.

Charlotte and Marty had drunkenly tashed on at work, with Charlotte admitting she had "f**ked up" immediately after. Her confession about the kiss made Gary leave the house, and on his return, he makes it clear he isn't ready to forgive or forget.

Gaz Beadle ends things with Charlotte Crosby, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
9 June


In a first look at next week's episode, Charlotte tries to talk things through with Gaz, telling him: "It was one stupid kiss."

But Gaz replies: "Yeah, and that's enough. It didn't work Charlotte. This is closure, it's not going to work."

While Gaz admits he's "gutted" over his and Charlotte's failed romance, she tries to reason with him, explaining that if she could, she would take back her kiss with Marty.

Gaz, however, hits back: "You can't undo what you have done. It's not working, it's not going to work. After all the eyes one me, you f**k up, you do it. Do you know how embarrassed that makes me feel?

"I'm the one trying to impress your friends at work while you're necking on with Marty. Is that a joke?"

Charlotte pleads with her on/off flame and insists she will "never do anything like that again", but Gary's mind is made up. He says: "There's f**king no chance. Me and you, we're done. I'm gutted for us."

Gaz Beadle ends things with Charlotte Crosby, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
9 June


Gaz Beadle ends things with Charlotte Crosby, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
9 June


To the camera, Gaz adds: "I've said everything I need to say... I thought we were going to get our dream ending, but it's me and Charlotte. It's never easy. We're done."

Charlotte, meanwhile, is left in tears. She says: "I thought this was the perfect opportunity for me and Gary to finally give things a go. It was our chance and now it's not. I just don't know why I did it. Maybe we aren't meant to be. That kills us."

Throughout this series the pair had been trying to make a go of their relationship. Gary had told Charlotte he was only interested in her, and the pair agreed to officially star seeing each other.

Gaz and Charlotte had even been talking about the future, with Gary telling his co-star he wanted her to be his "girlfriend" when they left the house.

Can Charlotte persuade him to give her another chance?

Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle continues Tuesday 14 June at 10pm on MTV.

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