Love Island: Could Sophie Gradon be the first islander to QUIT?

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Love Island: Could Sophie Gradon be the first islander to quit the show?

Romance has been blossoming for Sophie and her partner Tom Powell, but it seems like they could be on the rocks, as Sophie admitted she is tempted to leave the villa.

Last night (8 June), viewers watched Sophie confess that she isn't "enjoying" being on the show, following spats with Tom and Kady McDermott.

Love Island star Sophie Gradon
7 June


Sophie and Kady clashed while the girls had been discussing which boys out of the four potential newcomers they wanted to join the villa. Sophie had claimed Kady was constantly interrupting her when she spoke, and called her out for being "rude."

Recalling the situation to Terry Walsh and Tom, Sophie said: "Every time I went to speak, I'd be half way through a sentence and Kady would interrupt me and talk over me. It's grating on me so much man. It's like, 'Just let me finish please.'

"Even when I was 20 I didn't just speak over the top of people, I would always let people finish. I just think we've all got to be patient with people in here, you know. There's a difference between maturity and rudeness."

Sophie then fell out with Tom, when it was revealed that Adam Maxted had been selected by the public to become an official islander.

During his speed date with Sophie, he admitted that Sophie was his type and he would have chosen her if he had the opportunity. His comments and the fact that Adam is exactly her type, had Sophie thinking about her current couple and she appeared to get itchy feet.

Tom Powell and Sophie Gradon, Love Island
7 June


Despite telling Tom she wasn't interested in anyone else and could see a future with him, Sophie began to saw red when Tom called her out for not reassuring him when it came to Adam.

Tom had told Sophie he was worried about Adam joining the group, and said he would have "felt better" if she had made it clear she wasn't interested. Sophie apologised and added that she was only thinking about getting another drink because she wasn't "a*sed" about anybody new arriving.

Even if she did make it clear that she is interested...

Tom replied: "It seems like you're more worried about [a drink] than me."

Sophie Gradon, Love Island
8 June


Tom Powell, Love Island
8 June


His comment didn't sit well with Sophie and she later divulged to Dan that the "warning signs" were there with Tom. She then took herself away from the group and headed to bed.

When Tom came up to check on her, Sophie explained she was having second thoughts. She told him: "I'm just not happy. If I feel like this again tomorrow, and the next night, I think I might just go."

She said: "I don't want to go. It is [getting too much]... I think maybe if I was younger, it's obvious that I'm a bit older. If you saw me on the outside and saw how many people I know, and the things I do, the places I go, you would just flip at everything all the time."

"I can't have someone like that as my boyfriend," Sophie explained. "You've made me feel like sh*t. And you did it already once before when you called me a sl*t.

"You made us feel like a piece of sh*t, so naturally alarm bells are ringing and yeah, I don't think that we could be boyfriend and girlfriend right now."

Tom replied: "I'm sorry that I made you feel like that."

Can he convince her to stay?

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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