Geordie Shore's Chloe Ferry reacts to Charlotte/Marty kiss: "How can I trust her again?"

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Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry has questioned whether she'll ever be able to "trust Charlotte Crosby again" following her drunken kiss with Marty McKenna.

Charlotte and Marty shocked Geordie Shore fans by locking lips with each other while at work for Team Charlotte. The pair had tashed on with each other, after one drink too many, leaving Charlotte in tears just moments after.

She admitted she had "f**ked up" when it came to her blossoming romance with Gaz Beadle, but he wasn't the only one she had upset. Chloe had been hooking up with Marty and had made no secret of how much she likes him. She told Charlotte she would "never forgive" her after learning about their kiss and now she has said she doesn't want to speak to either Charlotte or Marty.

Chloe Ferry, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, Confession Cam
7 June


Opening up to Geordie Shore's Confession Cam about the latest house drama, Chloe said: "Out of the girls in this house, I never thought Charlotte would do anything like that to us. I'm very upset and at the moment I don't want to speak to either of them - especially not Charlotte."

She admitted: "The mood I am in, I could f**king swing for her."

Chloe then added: "I do know how drunk Charlotte gets on nights out, but I never thought that Charlotte would do that to us because I would never in a million years do that with Gary. I would rather get a cactus, two, put one in my mouth and one in my bum and sit on it, than get with Gary."

While Chloe said she does like Marty, she claimed she was more concerned about her broken friendship with Charlotte.

She explained: "Yeah, I like Martin, but it's nothing to do with Martin, I don't even care if I never make up with him, it's about Charlotte. She's one of my best pals, how can we move on from this? How can I trust her again?"

Charlotte Crosby and Chloe Ferry fall out over Marty McKenna kiss, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
2 June


Charlotte Crosby and Chloe Ferry fall out over Marty McKenna kiss, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
2 June


Viewers watched Chloe last out after learning about Charlotte and Marty's kiss in last night's episode. Chloe had confronted Charlotte, breaking down in tears as she questioned why Charlotte would go near Marty, knowing that she likes him.

Chloe had said: "Charlotte! This has got to be a joke... I'll never, ever, ever, ever forgive you. Martin! Martin! I will never, ever forgive you for this. Never, ever."

To the camera, Chloe added: "Charlotte knows how much I like Marty, so why the f**k would she go there? I would never do that to her."

Charlotte, meanwhile, sat with her head in her hands and told Chloe she was "so sorry."

She also came clean about the kiss to on/off flame Gary, insisting it "meant nothing" to her. Gary, however, decided to leave the house to distance himself from Charlotte.

He later revealed he was "devastated" about the kiss. Gary said: "I'm actually devastated... this is how she repays me. For once, I'm giving Charlotte everything she wanted."

Gaz also hinted that things could now be over between him and Charlotte, adding: "I need to know if me and Charlotte are going to work in this house, or closure so I can move on. At the minute, that to me is closure."

Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle continues Tuesday 14 June at 10pm on MTV.

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