Love Island: Scott Thomas falls out of favour with fans after Kady McDermott date?

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Love Island: Scott Thomas received a bit of a backlash on Twitter last night (2 June), after that super awkward date with Kady McDermott.

If you're currently watching the new series of Love Island, you, like us, would have thought Scott and Kady were a dead cert to couple up.

They've both made it pretty clear they fancy each other. They've even shared a cheeky snog and it was a no-brainer that Kady was going to choose him to go on a dinner date with her. Surprisingly, though, things have quickly gone downhill...

Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott date, Love Island
2 June


Kady was told to pick two boys to date - one had to cook her starter for her, while the other was in charge of the main course.

Scott was up first with his starter course, but it seems he had a bee in his bonnet about Kady previously admitting to fancying Terry.

Kady had already been on a date with Javi, after he chose her to wine and dine, and beginning to think that he wouldn't necessarily be safe coupling up with the newcomer, Scott's insecurities came tumbling out.

So much so, that he accused Kady of being a "serial dater", told her he wished he had never broke things off with Zara Holland to be with her instead and said he only told Kady he fancied her because he had "cabin fever."

Seriously, Scott? You can imagine Kady's face, after he took that massive U-turn.

Kady McDermott on date with Scott Thomas,
2 June


Scott told Kady: "I think you're a bit of a serial dater. You can spend time with different guys quite easily and you're quite comfortable with that."

Kady denied that was the case and replied: "Wow... you think I'm a proper game player don't you?"

Scott then continued: "One of us is gonna get swerved, one million percent. Even though we like each other and are enjoying each other's time, I don't see any longevity in it.

"You know what I wish now? I wish I'd stayed with Zara and I would have seen your f**king true colours.Yesterday I really fancied you. I don't know why, must be cabin fever, but I thought you were fit."


His comments did not go down well on Twitter, and many Love Island fans were quick to call Scott out, with a fair few now hoping he is first to get the boot.

One user commented: "So so so happy Kady don't like Scott no more but Zara better not go back there he needs to be left on his ownnnnn."

Another said: "If Kady did not choose Scott, he will be out of that island in a sec LOL #pied #LoveIsland."

Oh Scott, what have you done?!

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