Love Island: Terry Walsh and Malin Andersson admit they fancy each other?

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Love Island: Terry Walsh and Malin Andersson confessed to fancying each other, after enjoying a brief dinner date. Should Olivia Buckland and Rykard Jenkins be worried?

Carpenter Terry is the villa's new boy and after making his entrance, he set his sights on Olivia. So much so, that on his first night he and Olivia ended up kissing.

He did, however, admit that he fancies Malin on his debut and in last night's episode, Terry found out that she does quite like him too - despite seeming smitten with Rykard Jenkins.

Malin Andersson and Terry Walsh date
2 June


Both Terry and new girl Kady McDermott were told to pick two people to join them on a dinner date. One of their dates had to cook them a starter, while the other made the main course.

Kady chose Scott Thomas and Daniel Lukakis, although her evening didn't exactly go to plan. She and Scott ended up arguing throughout their course, with him telling her he wished he hadn't broke things off with Zara Holland for her.


Terry, meanwhile, chose current love interest Olivia and Malin. Explaining his choice, he decided to go for Malin as he is good friends with her current partner Rykard and she is pals with Olivia - that way nothing would happen.

He told Rykard: "You know you're my boy. I'm into Olivia. Those girls are tight, anyway, and there's going to be no funny business."

Rykard and Terry, Love Island
2 June


Rykard appreciated the gesture and said: "If I was in his situation, I'd do the same."

Although, he did add: "I really, really like Malin and Terry knows that. Everyone gets my trust, but the moment you give me a reason not to trust you, it's pretty much over."

Malin, meanwhile, confessed in the beach hut that she is attracted to Terry and on paper, he is her ideal type.

During her date with Terry, she told him she was more attracted to him than Rykard, but her loyalties lie with her current beau.

Malin Andersson, Love Island
2 June


Malin explained: "I really like Ry, we were together by default. I didn't step forward for him, but I really like him now. I'd like to get to know him better and see where it goes.

"You walked in and I was like, 'f**k sake.' I'm not one to hurt anyone. If they both weren't in there, I would be with you - put it that way."

She added: "I'm probably more attracted to you than I am him, but I don't want to mug him off, I want to get to know him more."

Terry Walsh, Love Island
2 June


Her admission confused Terry.

He said: "Everything Malin was telling me was everything I wanted to hear, but I didn't want to hear because it massively throws a spanner in the works. It's good because I know how Malin is feeling, and I do feel the same way about it."

Terry then told Malin: "You've confused me... I did not know you felt like that. I thought you were smitten."

Should Olivia and Rykard be worried? Could Terry make a move for Malin and try and couple up with her instead?!

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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