Love Island: Is it all over for Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott already?

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Love Island: Is it all over for Scott Thomas and newcomer Kady McDermott already?!

Things have only just started hotting up for the pair, but it seems like Scott may have just ruined any hopes of romance with Kady. Not only does he call her a "serial dater", but he also backtracks on fancying her, blaming his feelings on "cabin fever."

Oh, Scott...

Scott Thomas, Love Island
1 June


Kady McDermott, Love Island
1 June


Last night (1 June), viewers watched Kady enter the villa along with fellow newcomer Terry Walsh, and she immediately caught Scott's eye.

So much so, that he broke off his romance with Miss Great Britain Zara Holland and told his best pal in the house, Javi Shephard, that he wouldn't back down from pursing Kady instead.

Javi has remained single following the first coupling, and he has set his hopes on coupling up with Kady too. While he did get to take Kady on a romantic dinner date, she was honest with him and admitted she liked Javi, but she likes as well.

Kady revealed she "has her eye" on Scott and thinks Javi is "funny", but she reckons she'd walk all over him.

A new teaser shared by ITV seemed to confirm Kady's choice by showing a sneak peek of the her and Scott kissing in tonight's episode of the show.

However, it sounds like their romance could be all over before its even begun...

Both newcomers Kady and Terry are told to pick two of their islanders to date. One will join them for a starter course over dinner, while the other a main course. Kady picks Scott and model Daniel, but her time with Scott doesn't end well.

Having already expressed their concerns over the other not staying loyal to them, Kady and Scott bicker over their true intentions when it comes to each other.

Scott tells Kady: "I think you're a bit of a serial dater. You can spend time with different guys quite easily and you're quite comfortable with that."

Kady, however, disagrees. She hits back: "No way. For me to chill with someone, I have to actually like them. I can't do that with just anyone. Wow... you think I'm a proper game player don't you."

Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott, Love Island
1 June


Things had seemed like they were hotting up for Scott and Kady...

Scott then adds further insult by telling Kady he wishes he had stayed coupled up with Zara.

"One of us is gonna get swerved, one million percent," he says. "Even though we like each other and are enjoying each other's time, I don't see any longevity in it.

"You know what I wish now? I wish I'd stayed with Zara and I would have seen your f**king true colours."

He adds: "Yesterday I really fancied you. I don't know why, must be cabin fever, but I thought you were fit."

A little harsh, Scott?!

Not surprisingly, Kady isn't happy with how her date with Scott played out. She says: "I was sitting at dinner and instead of thinking 'I'd love to kiss you,' I was thinking, 'I'd love to punch you right in the face, you annoying b*stard.' I don't think he's used to a girl that keeps him on his toes."


Love Island airs nightly on ITV2.

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