Love Island: Zara Holland clears the air with Kady McDermott after Scott break up

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Love Island: Zara Holland tries to clear the air with Kady McDermott, after Scott Thomas made things a little awkward between the pair.

Last night (1 June), viewers saw Scott break off his romance with Zara so he could pursue new girl Kady instead. She had joined the villa as a latecomer, along with new boy Terry Walsh, and caught the attention of both Scott and Javi Shephard.

Following her entrance, Kady was chatting to the boys in Scott and Zara's bed, leading Zara to say: "I'm not being funny, but this is still my bed. Go and crack on over there."

Kady McDermott, Love Island
1 June


Zara Holland, Love Island
1 June


Things remained awkward between the girls, and you could almost feel the tension when Zara quizzed Kady the following day about which boys she fancied.

When Zara said that she thinks Kady obviously likes Scott, Kady replied: "What makes you say that?" - Although, she did then admit to liking him and confessed in the beach hut: "I have got my eye on Scott.

In scenes to air in tonight's episode, Zara decides to clear the air with Kady and actually gives her approval for Kady and Scott to give things a go.

She explains to her co-star: "I just wanted to chat to you, because me and Scott were in a couple and I just wanted to clear the air a bit because I know you two are gonna couple up.

Zara continues: "You kind of knew that you were going to go for each other and I wanted you to just be honest. I knew it from the start. All I'm saying is, I don't want you to feel awkward, just have a good time. I'm not going to be shooting daggers at you. I'm not like that. Please don't worry about anything."

Scott Thomas and Kady McDermott, Love Island
1 June


Presuming Scott and Zara are going to get together when the re-coupling comes around, Zara weighs up her options. Her choices are either Daniel or Javi.

While Daniel tells her he is keen to get to know her and likes how emotional she got over Scott ending things (he thinks that proved her loyalty to Scott), Javi explained if she and him were to couple up it would purely be tactical.

Javi tells Zara: "I'm thinking long term. If we pair up, I'd stay with you for at least a week. I wouldn't jump ship. If you think about it, I wouldn't give a f**k about someone else. I'd keep us both safe for as long as possible."

Zara, meanwhile, is keeping her options open: "All I'm saying is Miss GB is keeping her options open, you don't know who's going to walk through the door. I like Dan as a friend and I like Javi as a friend. Obviously they both want to stay, so I guess the ball is in my court."

As for Scott and Kady, they end up locking lips - that's before he rubs Kady up the wrong way by calling her a "serial dater"...

Ooh, the drama!

Love Island airs nightly ITV2.

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