Love Island: Zara Holland reveals she's Miss Great Britain - and Twitter reacts...

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Love Island: Zara Holland 'fessed up to being Miss Great Britain to her partner Scott Thomas in last night's episode of the show (31 May), and claimed guys have treated her differently in the past because of her title.

While we all knew that Zara was Miss Great Britain, her fellow islanders were unaware following her arrival to the villa. However, Zara confessed to Sophie that she currently holds the crown and later decided to come clean to Scott about her achievement.

She explained that while she is "proud" of becoming Miss Great Britain, she has found that guys have treated her differently since.

Zara Holland, Love Island
31 May


Zara and Scott had been discussing what they do. She revealed she acts and added: "I do something else as well, but I'll tell you that later... becuase I don't want it to change anything."

After seeing Scott left looking a little confused, Zara decided to come out with it there and then, and said: "Well, I won Miss Great Britain, so I'm the current Miss Great Britain. Guys take it the wrong way... no one knows apart from Sophie."

Scott told the camera: "Zara has just told me she is Miss Great Britain which is interesting. It don't really change anything, I still think she's just a nice down-to-earth girl. Fair play to her really, but I don't think it should have been such a big problem for her."

He then asked her: "Why's that a bad thing? Why would it change anything?"

Zara explained that she feels like guys go after her for her title, and not for her. She said: "I've found that ever since I won, guys want to take me for a drink because I'm Miss Great Britain, not to get to know me for Zara. I freak out so much about it."

When he told her she should be proud of it, Zara replied: "I am proud of it, but guys have made me not proud of it. One million percent."

Scott said he was glad Zara had told him and joked he had a "little celeb" on his hands. Pleased with his reaction, Zara gushed: "Scott's reaction has really made my day, I'm not going to lie. I'm just Zara at the end of the day and that's what hopefully everyone will know me as."

Scott Thomas and Zara Holland, Love Island
31 May


However, it seems as though Twitter didn't really get why Zara had been keeping it a secret - despite her explaining her reasons for it.

Instead, she appeared to be mocked for making a big deal out of not wanting people to know, while others criticised her and pointed out that Sophie has actually been Miss Great Britain too in previous years.

One user commented: "I wish Zara on love island would just tell someone she's won Miss Great Britain.. Such a burden :(." Another added: "So Zara doesn't want anyone knowing that she's Miss Great Britain yet that's all I've heard her say so far?"

Last year's Love Island stars even got in on the act, with former Miss Great Britain herself Cally joking: "Maybe I should have mentioned Miss Great Britain more often too #joke #loveisland."

Zara previously dated Max Morley and Luis Morrison tweeted: "@maxmorley1 Did you take @zaraholland11 for a drink because she was Mrs Great Britain."

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