Made In Chelsea: Alik Alfus tweets hopes of rekindling romance, after Louise Thompson split

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Made In Chelsea star Alik Alfus has addressed his split with ex-girlfriend Louise Thompson on Twitter, telling fans if they are "truly meant to be" they will rekindle their relationship one day.

MIC fans were aware of Louise and Alik's split, after a sneak peak at yesterday's episode aired last week. Louise and Alik had been going through a bit of a rocky patch, after he confessed he was struggling with their long distance relationship - while Louise is based in Chelsea, Alik is in New York.

He, however, had hoped his "glitch" hadn't made Louise question their romance and the pair jetted off to St Barths to work on things through. Although, fans have since watched Louise reveal to her mum that she ended things with Alik while they were away and the pair are now "over."

Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus split, Made In Chelsea
30 May

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She said: "It was good to see Alik, but we're done... We're over."

Alik then surprised Louise in London, after being encouraged by his dad to fight for their relationship, despite her saying she needed space from him. He surprised her in front of her co-stars and told Louise they needed to talk. When he suggested that the pair have something "so special", "it's not fair" to throw it all away, Louise told Alik he was "too late."

She stuck by her decision to end things.

Following the episode, Alik addressed their split with fans. He tweeted: "Distance should mean so little if someone means so much..."

Alik added: "At the end of the day, you can't force someone to love you in the same way that you might love them."

Although, he did share his hope that he and Louise may be able to rekindle things in the future. In a final tweet, Alik said: "Maybe one day, if we're truly meant to be, we'll end up together."

Louise, meanwhile, chose not to comment.

Alik's tweets came after fans watched him try to persuade Louise not to give up on their relationship.

He told her: "I understand that you need space, but I had a really, really serious conversation with my father. He said to me, 'I saw what you and Louise are like and I feel like I witnessed true love.' From the bottom of my heart I feel completely in love with you.

"I'm coming from a place where I have a multi-million pound company and I'm telling you I'm willing to sacrifice everything to make this work. You and I have something so special, it's not fair to throw it away. You don't need to make any decisions to move anywhere... I'm just saying I want to be with you."

Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus split, Made In Chelsea
30 May

© E4

Louise Thompson and Alik Alfus split, Made In Chelsea
30 May

© E4

Louise the questioned why she hadn't moved to New York like she and Alik had planned, if their love had been as strong as they thought it was.

She admitted she was scared to leave London behind and told Alik: "I'm so used to being on my own now anyway... I just feel like I checked out."

When Alik urged her to stay with him, she replied: "It's too late. I'm sorry. I've made up my mind... it's how I feel."

Alik said: "How can you be so ready to love me and marry me, spend the rest of your life with me and then two weeks later, say what you're saying to me now? You're breaking my heart."


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