Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson fall out on social media, following her 'cheating' claims

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Geordie Shore stars Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson have appeared to have fallen out on social media, following Marnie's claims that Aaron had 'cheated' on her.

Despite only recently confirming she and Aaron are dating, Marnie hinted at trouble between herself and her co-star when she tweeted about being heartbroken. She had told fans she had "cried over a boy" for the first time in a really long time.

Now, the pair have alluded to what caused their romance to end so suddenly. Marnie had accused Aaron of 'cheating' on her in a recent interview. He, however, retaliated by denying her cheating claims. Although he admitted to sleeping with someone, he claimed it wasn't cheating, as he and Marnie hadn't been together, and accused her of having sex with someone else too.

Marnie Simpson and Aaron Chalmers, Instagram
11 April

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Their fallout stemmed from Marnie opening up about her failed romance with Aaron in a recent chat with Daily Star.

She claimed Aaron had sex with a "porn star" behind her back and said: "We've been dating for a while and over the last month I've started to think we could have something special. I don't know if I love him but it's made me realise just how much I do like him."

She added: "It's the first time I've cried over a boy since I was 15. I'm heartbroken."

Aaron, however, took to Instagram to deny Marnie's allegations and insisted he "would never hurt or cheat" on Marnie if they were together. Aaron published WhatsApp messages thought to be sent between him and Marnie, where Marnie had appeared to tell him they were "not together."

He added the caption: "I wasn't going to do this, but I'm not being branded a CHEAT! This message not even two weeks ago clearly states we are NOT together twice!! I would never hurt or cheat on Marnie if we were together, but what am I supposed to do when she is telling me we are not together.

"And ok I sh*gged someone, but ask Marnie who was the last person she had sex with because it WASN'T ME, but I'm not calling her a cheat because we were both SINGLE. Yes I am a C*** at times, but I'm NOT a CHEAT."

Marnie Simpson and Aaron Chalmers, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, Episode 2
17 May


Aaron and Marnie's romance has been blossoming onscreen in Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle.

Aaron's screenshot had blurred out messages he had sent to Marnie, she responded by sharing a screenshot of their full exchange and told fans: "Here you go the UNBLURRED VERSION. Aaron trying to get himself out of lies again. This is me clearly trying to get the truth."

Aaron's messages were him explaining the girl he was with was his "best mate" Beth and he wouldn't 'mug Marnie off'. Marnie argued she wasn't aware he had a friend named Beth, as Aaron had 'never mentioned her before.'

She never addressed his claims that she had slept with someone else too. Aaron and Marnie have since deleted their screenshots from Instagram.

Addressing the situation further, Aaron then took to Twitter. He tweeted: "Everything gets blown out of proportion!! Marns is hurt and angry but if she wants to sit and talk to me instead of social media I'm here."

He added in a second tweet: "I won't be posting anything about me and marns on here anymore as it's silly!! We have unblocked each other and hopefully we can talk."

When contacted by Reveal reps for both Aaron and Marnie had "no comment" to make.

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