Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan gets emotional but "couldn't be happier" over Kyle Christie's return

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Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan admits she "couldn't be happier" that her ex-boyfriend Kyle Christie has returned to the house, but not before breaking down in tears first.

Throughout Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle we've seen a slew of old faces return to the house. Last week, both Daniel Thomas-Tuck and Ricci Guarnaccio arrived, and this time round, it's Kyle's turn to make a comeback.

After surprising his co-stars (bar Holly who is out) and revealing he wants to make amends following his exit in series eleven of the show, he decides to surprise his ex-griflriend by hiding in her bed. And it's safe to say Holly is pretty shocked to see him...

Kyle Christie surprises Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
27 May


Charlotte Crosby convinces Kyle to hide in Holly's bed and jump out at her when she arrives back to the house. Holly had been sent to pick up props for yet another themed night out for Team Charlotte.

Agreeing to do so, Kyle admits: "I'm not sure if this is a good idea or not. It's 100 degrees, I can't breathe and my make-up is running... I'm so nervous, I really hope I don't pop up under these covers and Holly just boots us in the mouth."

He and Holly split in Greece, after Kyle decided he wanted to be single. Things turned sour between the pair, though, when he continued to flirt with Holly but also began pulling other girls in front of her.

Their constant rows saw the rest of the house giving the pair an ultimatum: one of them had to leave. Kyle left Greece and when Holly returned home, they did rekindle their romance. She revealed she was back together with Kyle at the start of series twelve - although, her co-stars didn't exactly approve.

In Greece, Kyle had also fallen out with Gaz Beadle and Aaron Chalmers after they had a bust up, and the boys revealed they still hadn't spoken to Kyle when Holly tried to invite him to a house party.

Charlotte, meanwhile, told Holly she "hates" Kyle for how he had treated her.

Kyle Christie surprises Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
27 May


By the end of series 12, Holly realised she couldn't maintain a relationship on the outside and still continue to be on Geordie Shore. She confided in Charlotte, and was urged by her best friend to really give the decision some serious thought.

Earlier this series, Holly revealed that she was single again. Away from her co-stars, she admitted that splitting with Kyle again had been a "horrible time" for her.

She said: "Me and Kyle aren't together anymore. It was a horrible time and it proper upset us, but I just don't want to get into it with this lot. I know they wouldn't understand."

It's not surprising then that Kyle was nervous to see her, but luckily for him, Holly was pleased to see him - even if she does burst into tears when he jumps out of the bed!

Holly says: "Oh my f**king god. Kyle is back. When Kyle left the house, I always felt partly to blame. I always felt like everyone chose me over him, the only thing I ever wanted was for him to come in and to be able sort things out with everyone. Now that it's actually happening, I couldn't be happier."

Kyle, meanwhile, gushed: "It's actually so good to see Holly's face. I took that girl to hell and back and she's still buzzing to see us. That means the world to us."

"I thought I would never get the opportunity to come back," he adds. "I want to make up with people because I've missed everyone in the house."

Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle continues Tuesday 31 May at 10pm on MTV.

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