Stephanie Davis pulls TOWIE star Danielle Armstrong into fallout with Jeremy McConnell

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Stephanie Davis has appeared to pull TOWIE star Danielle Armstrong into her fallout with ex-boyfriend Jeremy McConnell, sharing direct messages the pair supposedly sent each other on Twitter.

Things have been strained between Stephanie and Jeremy since the pair split for the fourth time earlier this month, and in the last 24 hours, Steph has hit out at Jeremy on several occasions via Twitter.

She is currently pregnant with the pair's first child and insisted Jeremy "will have nothing to do" with their baby. Steph claimed Jeremy had accused her of not actually being pregnant and warned him she would "throw him under the bus." She followed that tweet with several screenshots of messages relating to her ex.

Stephanie Davis shares selfie after Jeremy split
5 May

© Instagram / @stephaniedavis88

Danielle Armstrong selfie in Gran Canaria
16 February

© Instagram / @daniellearmstrong88

One of those that she shared appeared to be messages sent between Danielle and Jeremy back in February.

A sender thought to be Danielle had asked Jeremy what he had been up to since she had last seen him. The messages read: "So what u been up to since I last see u (sic)."

"I was cracking up when the press think u and megs were close at sheesh," they continued. "If only they new (sic)."

Jeremy responded: "Press write so much sh*t its boring. I was out with Mario last ni (sic)."

Another screenshot included a message Danni had sent, giving Jeremy her number and asking him to WhatsApp her, as she doesn't like speaking over direct message on Twitter.

Stephanie tweeted alongside the photos, referring to Danielle's boyfriend James Lock - although at the time the messages had been sent, Danni was not dating Lockie - Steph said: "If only they knew... Lockie run pal."

Stephanie Davis tweets messages involving Danielle Armstrong and Jeremy McConnell
26 May

© Twitter / @Stephdavis77

When contacted by Reveal, a rep for Danni insisted the messages shared by Stephanie had been "fabricated." They told us: "Danielle is completely shocked that Steph would take to social media to fabricate an entire conversation that never occurred and in turn, a twitter profile to corroborate it alongside a fake phone number.

"It is clear that Stephanie is a distraught and unstable woman at present, and Danielle hopes that she seeks the necessary help to recover."

Stephanie's rep refused to respond.

Stephanie's latest outburst comes after she recently told fans she "feels sorry" for ex Jeremy.

The former Hollyoaks star claimed Jeremy hasn't turned up to scans for their baby and accused him of causing her stress. Stephanie had concerned fans when she revealed she was in hospital recently. She shared a photo of an IV drip, before later reassuring her followers she and her baby are doing ok.

Stephanie tweeted and deleted: "I think it's disgusting that Jeremy hasn't turned up to scans and is constantly drunk and partying. The stress he has had me under I've already been in hospital once with pains and stress.

"I don't hate the lad. I feel very, very sorry for him the fact no one is getting him the help he needs. His management should have him in rehab and sorting his life out so he can be there for his child before he dies."

She urged Jeremy to "sort it out and be a dad."

When contacted by Reveal, Jeremy's rep had no comment to make. Although, he has now responded to Stephanie on Twitter.

Jeremy McConnell tweet responding to Stephanie Davis
26 May

© Twitter / @JezzaMcConnell

Jeremy posted a lengthy message, insisting he is "healthy" and accusing Stephanie of being a liar and seeing her ex-boyfriend Sam Reece behind his back.

It read: "Was gonna stay quiet about the whole thing and just let it come out normally, first of all I'd like to let people know I'm perfectly healthy, mind and body, and have took to the break up privately.

"But when me and my family are affected by what I'd call a person with no shame, she is slandering me and trying to portray me in a certain light for a reason. People can choose to believe it or not, I do not care."

He added: "For months she was seeing Sam behind my back and now in Ibiza together. It will all unfold in time. People don't know what I've put up with in that relationship. I was never perfect, but please don't believe 90 percent of what she has says."

Stephanie, meanwhile, has denied Jeremy's claims when it comes to Sam and insists she is at home in Liverpool. Sam hasn't addressed the tweet. Reveal has contacted a rep for Sam, while a rep for Stephanie had "no comment" to make on anything surrounding her Twitter activity of late.

Jeremy's fallout with Stephanie comes days after she confirmed she is pregnant. She revealed her baby news to OK! magazine, admitting it had come as a "shock."

Stephanie and Jeremy began dating, after controversially falling for each other in the Celebrity Big Brother house. They split for the fourth time earlier this month.

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