Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson reveals she IS dating Aaron Chalmers: "I'm so happy"

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Geordie Shore star Marnie Simpson has revealed she and Aaron Chalmers ARE now dating. Yay!

Fans have been rooting for the pair to get together, ever since they picked up their on/off romance off screen, and now it sounds like Marnie and Aaron are now trying to make a go of their relationship.

Marnie has said Aaron is putting in a lot of effort when it comes to their romance and gushed about how well things appear to be going for the couple. Although, she did express her hopes for Aaron to pluck up the courage and make things official, as she's not sure she can go another series of Geordie Shore without actually putting a label on their romance...

Marnie Simpson and Aaron Chalmers, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, Episode 2
17 May


Marnie opened up about her co-star to Star magazine recently and admitted she is "so happy" with how things stand between them.

Fans had been concerned that Marnie and Aaron had fallen out (despite appearing loved-up on Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle), as Marnie revealed Aaron hadn't been as supportive as first thought when she came out as bisexual.

She seemed to make a dig at him for being 'jealous', as she had previously got with a girl friend of his, and called out Aaron for leading her on for three years. Marnie said: "He had about two and a half or three years to get with me and did he? No. He's a d**ck."

However, she later proved she and Aaron were back on good terms and gushed that he is her "favourite work or art" on Instagram.

Since then, it seems the pair have been getting a lot closer and when asked if they were dating, Marnie replied: "I think so."

She said: "Normally Aaron makes up every excuse in the book to avoid me. He hates doing anything with us. I can't believe he's actually making an effort. I'm so happy."

Aaron Chalmers and Marnie Simpson, Instagram
8 May

© Instagram / @marniegshore

Despite their ups and downs, Marnie admitted she has always had feelings for Aaron.

"I've always wanted him and until I fully have him, that probably won't go away," she confessed. In the past, she had shared her hopes for herself and Aaron to eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend, but she thinks Aaron is wary of making things official.

Marnie added: "I think he's scared to put a name on it in case he f**ks up."

She did then suggest that Aaron may only have until the next series of Geordie Shore to officially ask her out: "If I'm not Aaron's girlfriend by the time we go in, I'm going to leave it and be single with the girls. I can't do a full series of plodding on."

Marnie's latest comments come after Aaron revealed he and Marnie were venturing on date outside of the Geordie Shore house.

While we all saw them have their first official date during series twelve of Geordie Shore, Aaron and Marnie have now pursued their romance on the outside too, and recently enjoyed a date in Birmingham.

Aaron took Marnie to see her first MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) fights. He is currently training for a fight of his own later this year.

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