Ibiza Weekender's Deano Baily teases Ellie Young over being "recognised" in Magaluf

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Ibiza Weekender stars Deano Baily and Ellie Young have proved there are no hard feelings between them, following their failed romance on the last series of the show.

Earlier this year, fans saw Ellie join the cast of Ibiza Weekender and she struck up a bit of a fling with Deano. The arrival of Deano's ex Imogen Townley did make things complicated for the pair, though, and their romance came to an end when he realised he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend.

An awkward situation, right? Maybe, but it doesn't look like it has affected Deano and Ellie's friendship too much - or at least that's what their latest tweets suggest.

Deano Baily, Ibiza Weekender
21 February


Ellie Young, Ibiza Weekender
21 February


Judging by Ellie's Twitter she is currently working for the season in Magaluf and thanks to her new found fame on Ibiza Weekender, she has been getting recognised by holiday-goers in the Spanish party resort.

Ellie had tweeted about the support and recognition she has received since heading overseas, and while she had been being sincere, Deano couldn't resist mocking her - forcing her to now delete her initial tweet.

He tweeted Ellie to say: "Calm down ' Support' 'recognition ' like what are you president or something (sic)."

Deano Baily teases Ellie Young on Twitter
20 May

© Twitter / @EllieWeekender

Ellie then replied: "HAHAHAHAHAHA FUCK OFF for that your not staying at my apartment anymore (sic)." She also added a string of crying with laughter emojis.

The holiday rep added in another tweet: "When you right a nice tweet and @DeanoWeekender just totally takes the absolute piss (sic)."

Despite his ribbing, though, Deano's tweet will come as a sigh of relief for fans as it's proof the pair are still on good terms - despite what may have happened in Ibiza.

And it sounds like they could be reunited soon too, as Ellie revealed Deano is actually going out to visit her in Maga. Cute!

Ellie Young and Deano Baily make up, Ibiza Weekender
20 March


On the show, Ellie and Deano's relationship hit several rocky patches.

The pair had grown extremely close while working together, and fans had been rooting for them to make a go of their romance. However, Ellie soon became suspicious of Deano's feelings for ex Imogen and viewers watched her struggle to deal with the love triangle that was forming.

Imogen had come to Ibiza to get closure from Deano, but Ellie was convinced the pair still had feelings for each other. So much so, it ended up pushing Deano away and he kissed another girl guest that was staying in their resort.

He then decided not to tell Ellie, but that only caused problems for them when she found out the truth. The duo did managed to get things back on track, but Deano then revealed he still had feelings for Imogen.

When Ellie asked him if he was still in love with Imogen, he didn't deny it. He later confessed all to his ex and told Imogen: "I thought I was totally over you... I don't know whether it's that I'm not over you, that I really like you and want to give things another go, or it is just reminding me of old times, but I have started to feel things again. Now, how well we are getting on... maybe I am still in love with you."

Ibiza Weekender: Deano Baily tells Imogen Townley he is still in love with her
27 March


Ibiza Weekender: Deano Baily tells Imogen Townley he is still in love with her
27 March


Ellie, meanwhile, admitted she was "gutted" things hadn't worked out.

She said: "I'm gutted. That's it for us... we can't really be more now. I've already given him another chance. I feel stupid, I should have known. I do genuinely think he did care about me, but being in this situation where he first met Imogen, I think he's realised actually Imogen is for me and Ellie is not.

"It's obvious. He is still in love with her and if he is, and she feels the same, I'll just have to take a step back from it."

She then joked: "Oh well, back to tinder."

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