Broken mirrors? Emma Willis and Rylan's new Big Brother publicity images are SO intriguing!

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Ooh, Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal are looking all sorts of ominous in newly-released images for this summer's Big Brother!

We already know things will not be what they seem when the show returns to Channel 5 soon, with "dark and ominous forces" at work out of the housemates' sight.

Big Brother summer 2016 promotional picture: Rylan Clark-Neal and Emma Willis

© Channel 5

And the latest publicity photos pretty much sum that up!

Main host Emma and spinoff show host Rylan can be seen in various cracked mirror images, wearing black and white clothing, all suggesting there will be two different sides to every part of the experience but nothing will be plain black or white.

Big Brother summer 2016 promotional picture: Emma Willis

© Channel 5

They're also sporting very serious expressions.


Does the smashed mirror mean the barrier between the outside and inside worlds will be broken this year?! After all, the mirrors in the BB house all hide cameras...

Big Brother summer 2016 promotional picture: Rylan Clark-Neal

© Channel 5

This year's house will be have a monochrome theme and be stark and unwelcoming. But while everything may seem straightforward from the outside, the housemates will not be alone...

"They should be prepared for paranoia and suspicion," said Channel 5, adding: "Housemates will be under attack from an unseen ominous dark force from day one."

There will be a "yin and yang"-style force at work, which will either affect the housemates in a good or bad way…

Big Brother returns to Channel 5 this summer, hosted by Emma Willis. Rylan Clark-Neal returns to host the spinoff Big Brother's Bit On The Side.

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