Made In Chelsea's Jamie Laing clears up those Frankie Gaff rumours

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Made In Chelsea star Jamie Laing has addressed *those* rumours he kissed another girl while dating Frankie Gaff.

Fans of the E4 reality show will know that Jamie has set his sights on newcomer Frankie this series. Jamie admitted to liking Frankie for the last three years, but she had always been in relationships.

Now she is finally single, he has told her he doesn't want to date anyone else, but later came under fire for kissing someone another girl during a night out with Sam in Liverpool.

Made In Chelsea: Frankie and Jamie at a party.
2 May 2016.

© Channel 4

Rumours surfaced of the kiss and got back to Frankie, prompting her to confront Jamie. She admitted she would be upset if the claims were true, especially as Jamie had told her he wasn't looking elsewhere.

However, Frankie confesses that she doesn't trust Jamie and after hearing he kissed someone while out in Liverpool with Sam Thompson, she confronted him about the rumours. Jamie told her he "didn't know" whether he had or he hadn't.

He said: "If I kissed a girl, I kissed a girl... I was very drunk. We weren't even dating then?"

Frankie interrupted that they had been, leading Jamie to say: "If I did then I'm sorry, but I feel like it was when we weren't anything. We're definitely something now, even though you definitely don't want to go out with me. I feel like that's because you don't trust me and that's fair enough - you've got a lot of girls talking in your ear. I don't want to kiss anyone else."

Appearing on Up Late With Rylan last night (19 May), Jamie one again was forced to deny he had strayed away from Frankie.

He was asked about where the pair stand with each other, and Jamie said: "We're not together, together."

What does that mean?

Rylan then pressed Jamie about that night in Liverpool and he explained: "I don't know about this girl in Liverpool... I'm not lying to you. I feel like people make up rumours. I had a fun night out with Sam and then I went to bed... with myself. "

Jamie Laing and Binky Felstead, Up Late With Rylan
19 May

© Channel 5

It sounds like we'll have to wait and see to find out what develops between Jamie and Frankie, but he does seem pretty keen.

Gushing about Frankie on the show, Jamie had said: "She's just so great and looking so beautiful. I really fancy her but she's my mate. Frankie's special, really special, she's like Wendy."

While on Rylan's new show, Jamie teased that viewers are in for a lot more drama as MIC continues. "The end of the series gets crazy," he teased.

He was joined by co-star Binky Felstead and she added: "It gets worse."

Anyone else now majorly intrigued?

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