Pete Wicks favours James Lock over Megan McKenna? "Megan's more demanding!"

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Does TOWIE star Pete Wicks favour his BFF James Lock over girlfriend Megan McKenna? He's claimed to... but something tells us he is only joking!

Pete and Megan appeared in a new video shared by TOWIE's official Twitter account and gave fans an update on what they have been up to since the show wrapped filming. Of course, it wasn't long before Pete's bromance with Lockie came into conversation, and he couldn't resist teasing Megan by revealing he prefers his best pal to her.

Oh, Pete!

Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna, TOWIE video
19 May

© Twitter / @OnlyWayIsEssex

Fans will know that Megan and Lockie are often going head-to-head when it comes to who they think Pete adores more.

They proved that Pete is seriously in demand as they jokingly rowed over who the Essex boy belongs too. Pete had been on holiday in Mexico with James at the time and Megan told him: "Enjoy your time with him while you can Lockie. Coz his giving u the elbow in 2 days."

Lockie replied: ""F**k off you bitch! He's mine!!!"

Megan then implied that's not what Pete had been saying to her, and now we've finally got to the bottom of who he really prefers.

Megan Mckenna and Pete Wicks selfie, last night in Dubai. Instagram, 7/5/16

© Instagram / megan_mckenna_

Pete Wicks and James Lock selfie
8 March 2016

© Instagram / @p_wicks01

When Pete was asked to chose between 'Plockie' or 'Pegan', Megan revealed: "Basically he sees me all the time and he only sees Lockie when I'm away."

Although, Pete teased: "Megan's more demanding than Lockie, so I have to see her all the time. I think about him more."

He added: "Bromance before romance."

As you can imagine that last line didn't go down too well with Megan and she hit back: "You're such a liar... Pete, don't wind me up."


TOWIE: Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks reunited
Snapchat, 15 May 2016

© Snapchat / @megan-mckenna

As well as teasing his girlfriend, Pete also opened up on what it was like to meet Megan's family for the first time. She revealed Pete had met the parents in one of her many Snapchat videos and he said: "It was like the next step in a relationship."

Pete added: "It was really nice to meet Megan's parents... they're both really lovely and so are your brother and sister, and your nan."

"They really like Pete," Megan said.

Pete then joked: "Her brother is about 3ft taller than me, so I'm sure I'll know about it if I do something wrong."

Before we could get any more serious talk out of the pair, though, Pete decided to keep us all guessing when it comes to just how serious his romance with Megan is getting.

He said: "I don't really like discussing me and you. It's between us..." Addressing the camera, he told viewers: "You'll just have to watch the new series."


We, however, can vouch that Megs and Pete seem nothing but completely smitten and anyone who follows the pair on social media will definitely think the same. Just recently, Pete jumped to Megan's defence after she had been criticised online. What a gent!

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