Geordie Shore: Marnie Simpson, Aaron Chalmers fallout - but is Ricci Guarnaccio involved?

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Geordie Shore: Marnie Simpson and Aaron Chalmers clash in next week's episode of the show, but is their fallout because of Ricci Guarnaccio?

So far we've seen the return of Sophie Kasaei, James Tindale and Jay Gardner, and next week it's not only Daniel Thomas-Tuck that is making a Geordie Shore comeback - Ricci is back too.

He surprises the gang shortly after Dan does and it looks like they both cause just as much as drama as each other...

Aaron Chalmers falls out with Marnie Simpson, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
17 May


Aaron Chalmers falls out with Marnie Simpson, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle
17 May


In a sneak peak at next week's Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, Dan ends up kissing Chloe Ferry and causes Marty McKenna to last out at the pair. But it seems like Marnie and Aaron are falling out too and we're now wondering if Ricci is to blame?

Marnie is seen arguing with Aaron and as he goes to grab her, she tells him to get away from her. Aaron is then smashing up the bedroom and he tells the camera: "This is a f**king joke."

Ricci, meanwhile, is sat downstairs on the sofa by himself and doesn't look impressed. Gesturing up to Aaron and Marnie he says: "That's like World War Three."

What on earth has gone on?

Ricci Guarnaccio returns to Geordie Shore
17 May


Throughout the new series, Marnie and Aaron had seemed pretty loved-up with each other. They arrived at the house together, and both assured each other they weren't going to go on the pull.

In last night's episode, fans watched Aaron admit he can see a future with Marnie and the pair had sex for the first time. Marnie then told her co-star that this meant things had got a whole lot more serious between them.

So, we hadn't predict a bust up was on the cards!

However, Charlotte and Gaz did tease that Ricci "tries it on" with Marnie after coming back to the house. And if that is the case, it's not surprising that Aaron would kick off. Although, you think it would be with Ricci not Marnie? Unless she reciprocated, maybe?

Ricci wasn't giving anything away. Our friends at Digital Spy had quizzed him on what happens with him and Marnie on the show and he said: "Honestly, you'll have to wait and see. There might be a little bit of a twist there for you!"

He continued: "I can't say too much... but I think you'll find there's a little bit of a twist, or maybe a big one if you know what I mean. I think a lot of people will be intrigued."

Intrigued? YES Ricci. We definitely are now...

Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle continues Tuesday 24 May at 10pm on MTV.

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