Made In Chelsea's Sam Thompson clarifies why he was angry with Lucy Watson

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Made In Chelsea star Sam Thompson has clarified he wasn't angry with Lucy Watson for keeping the truth from him about her sister Tiffany's cheating.

Last night, viewers watched Lucy come under fire for knowing Tiffany hadn't just kissed the guy she had admitted to cheating on Sam with in Hong Kong. Sam was particularly upset and told her he'd lost respect for her, on finding out she had been fully aware of Tiffany's actions.

Some fans, however, misread the situation and thought Sam had been angry at Lucy for keeping the truth from him. He has now taken to Twitter to assure them that was not the case - it was because of the way Lucy had acted towards him, knowing what Tiffany had done.

Lucy Watson and Sam Thompson clash, Made In Chelsea
16 May

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Sam had been annoyed at his girlfriend's older sister, given their history. In the past, Lucy and Sam have clashed on several occasions because of cheating rumours.

When Tiffany initially confessed to kissing someone else, Sam later found himself being accused of doing the same. Millie Wilkinson had told Lucy and Tiffany that Sam had been unfaithful too.

Lucy confronted Sam about the rumours, but he insisted they were untrue and he had done nothing wrong. Looking back, he believes that Lucy shouldn't have been so hard on him - when he was telling the truth - if she knew that Tiffany had been keeping a lie from him herself.

Taking to Twitter, Sam said in a series of tweets: "I wasn't angry at Lucy for keeping the truth, of course that's what a sister/brother would do...

"I was angry that I get judged/put under the microscope for things I had not done, when this savage lie was in the back of people's minds... It would have just been nice to have been left alone."

Sam Thompson tweets about Lucy Watson fallout
17 May

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Sam did express this on the show. When Jamie told him Lucy had known, he said: "What a f**king b*tch... who are you to come into that bar when you know your sister has done that to me... on a rumour that wasn't true? I thought she wouldn't know. I thought she had morals."

He then confronted Lucy, telling her: "I respected you a lot... the fact that you keep your morals pretty f**king high. When you know that something that bad has happened - you're covering up for her, that I get - but don't talk to me like that."

"The amount you've been involved in my relationship... I'm fighting my corner, knowing I've done nothing wrong and you're coming at me when you know something huge your sister has done," he said.

Lucy Watson clashes with Sam Thompson, Made In Chelsea
16 May

© E4

Lucy Watson clashes with Sam Thompson, Made In Chelsea
16 May

© E4

He asked Lucy to apologise and admit she should have left Sam and Tiffany alone, but she refused. Instead, she hit back: "I think you've got deep-rooted issues with me and I think it's weird."

Despite their fallout, Sam did decide to give his relationship with Tiffany another go. Although he had expressed concern over not being able to trust Tiff, Sam admitted he couldn't break up with her.

He told Tiff: "I don't want to think about it. I don't want to lose you. I won't. We're going to get through this. I hope... You are the love of my life."

Following the episode, Sam tweeted: "She makes me happy, and that's all that matters to me."

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