Gaz Beadle hits back after fans accuse him of being 'inconsiderate' towards Charlotte Crosby

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Geordie Shore star Gary Beadle has hit back on Twitter, after being accused of being inconsiderate towards his on/off flame and co-star Charlotte Crosby.

He and Charlotte had been trying to work out if they had a future together, but their plans came to an abrupt halt when reports accused Gaz of bedding Jem Lucy and having a threesome with Charlotte Dawson and Olivia Walsh while filming for Ex On The Beach last month.

Olivia appeared to brand the claims as 'bullsh*t', but Charlotte's loyal followers were still left angered on hearing that she and Gaz had been spending time together in the last few days.

Jem Lucy teases Ex On The Beach shoot?
12 May

© Snapchat / jemlucy88

Gary had been pictured with Olivia.

It seems like they have been working on promo for Ex On The Beach, as both Olivia and Gaz were present in Stephen Bear and Jem's recent Snapchats. They appeared to leak the lineup for the show's next series by capturing each star on camera for their fans to see.

Jem shared more photos from a shoot they all appeared to be on today, and in one photo Gaz and Olivia were pictured together on the sofa with the rest of the gang.

MTV are yet to confirm the official lineup, however.

Charlotte, meanwhile, had cryptically tweeted: "I wonder if it will ever get any easier or when it will stop hurting..."

Critics hit out at Gaz Beadle over Charlotte Crosby on Twitter
12 May

© Twitter

That led one angered Twitter user to tag Gary in a tweet that read: "@GazGShore what the hell are u playing at?? How cud u be with Olivia after everything?? No consideration for her."

When another said they were "disappointed" in Gaz, the user replied: "Me too, never thought I'd see him act so badly, it's like @GazGShore is rubbing salt into the wound , very selfish."

They added in another tweet: "I'm shocked he's being so thoughtless. Those girls are really thrashy, at least pick someone classy! Big step down."

Gaz Beadle reacts to his critics over Charlotte Crosby
12 May

© Twitter / @GazGShore

Their tweets didn't go unnoticed by Gary and he was quick to set the record straight.

He replied: "... been on a Photoshoot for f**ks sake I can't just never be around a girl ever again Jesus.. You know nothing."

Gary is yet to confirm the reports surrounding his Ex On The Beach appearance, but he did insist he will "do what he wants" while he is still single. He did, however, admit that he regrets not asking Charlotte where he stood with her before he left to do the show.

The reality star has claimed that Charlotte is the one to "blame" for the breakdown of their relationship, as she wouldn't commit. Gaz explained: "If she had said, 'Yes, we are in a relationship,' then it would have been easier. She's the one that messed up and not me. It was very confusing."

He has since sparked hope that the pair could reconcile. Gary had liked a tweet a fan had posted, suggesting he and Charlotte "still have feelings there."

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