Geordie Shore: Holly Hagan reveals she is single and has split from Kyle Christie

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Panic over, people! Holly Hagan has returned to Geordie Shore and this time round, she is single.

Last series, Holly had fans all nervous when she revealed she had been thinking about leaving the show. At the time, Holly had been dating ex-boyfriend Kyle Christie and she told Charlotte Crosby she had to pick between their relationship and staying in the Geordie Shore house.

After seeing Gaz's relationship with ex Lillie fall apart, Holly realised dating Kyle on the outside and staying on the show just couldn't come hand in hand. Charlotte asked her to think long and hard about her decision and we all breathed a sigh of relief when Holly finally walked back through the door...

Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, Episode 1
10 May


During last night's episode of Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, Holly had kept us all guessing for a little while. As the gang returned to the house one by one, she didn't make an appearance until the next day.

When everyone asked Holly where she had been, she said: "This was all so very short notice!"

Seeing everyone's reaction to her coming back, Holly said: "Everyone is buzzing to see us. I can't wait to get mortal and have a wicked time."

But, of course, it wasn't long before she was asked whether she and Kyle were still dating.

Holly revealed: "Right, I knew this question was going to come up... so yeah, I'm single."

To the camera, she added: "Me and Kyle aren't together anymore. It was a horrible time and it proper upset us, but I just don't want to get into it with this lot. I know they wouldn't understand."

Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore: Big Birthday Battle, Episode 1
10 May


Holly and Kyle had split during series eleven of Geordie Shore out in Greece. The pair had then rekindled things and had been together while Holly filmed for series twelve, but it didn't work out.

Fans will remember, things had got pretty tense between the pair. When Kyle announced he had quit Geordie Shore, he accused Holly of thinking the show was more important that he was.

She hit back that she was "deeply hurt" by his claims and later told Reveal: "His comments did shock me. It did upset me the things that he said."

Holly admitted that she and Kyle were no longer speaking.

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie get given ultimatum by co-stars, Geordie Shore
1 December


Holly and Kyle split in Greece last summer.

During series twelve when Holly and Kyle had still been together, she had found it "difficult" without him. At first she had kept it a secret that the pair were back together, but when she was accused of being boring by not going on the pull, Holly finally 'fessed up to being taken.

Viewers saw her struggle to get involved on nights out and Holly broke down in tears when Marty McKenna walked through the door, as she had hoped it was Kyle making a comeback.

This time round, however, Holly seems to be enjoying herself a lot more. Following her first night out with everyone, she gushed: "Tonight has been unreal. Our team won, Sophie's back and I didn't totally hate work."

She then joked: "Maybe this time round I won't be such a miserable b*tch."

Fans will see Holly reunite with Kyle this series, as he'll return to the house along with a slew of others including James Tindale and Jay Gardner.

Sophie Kasaei was the first to make her return and she revealed she was "on cloud nine" after watching back the episode.

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