Charlotte Crosby asked on Loose Women: 'Why not get therapy instead of moving your face around?'

Published Tuesday, May 10 2016, 13:27 BST  |  By  |  Add comment
Charlotte Crosby got a good grilling about her nose job from Janet Street Porter on today's Loose Women.

The Geordie Shore star has been open about going under the knife to remove a bump on her nose, which she says affected her confidence, particularly when she was filmed from the side – so ITV panellist Janet took the opportunity to quiz her today.

Charlotte Crosby on Loose Women
10 April 2016


Janet asked her: "Good luck to you, it's your choices, but what message does that send to teenage girls who watch your show, follow you on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, who might think, 'My nose has a lump in it but I haven't got £4,000 to change it'?"

Charlotte, 25, replied: "I can understand your point completely." She said that while maybe it's "not the best message to put across" it was her decision and something she wanted to do. She also said she could have remained tight-lipped about her nose job but people would have seen the difference.

Janet continued to ask: "Just to be really controversial, when you imagined you had a big lump in your nose, why not have counselling or seek some kind of therapy to live with your face rather than moving it around five inches?"

"I feel like I had that counselling every day off my mum," replied Charlotte, "and it didn't really work."

She added: "I'm very happy."

The exchange prompted a reaction among Loose Women viewers on Twitter, with some suggesting Janet was too harsh towards Charlotte, and others saying they agreed with Janet's line of questioning.