Made In Chelsea: Louise Thompson hits back at critics over fallout with Stephanie Pratt

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Made In Chelsea star Louise Thompson has hit back, after being criticised for joining her co-star Stephanie Pratt in the Maldives.

During last night's episode of the show, Stephanie had invited Louise, Binky Felstead, Josh JP Patterson, Nicola Hughes, Alex Mytton, Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson away with her to the Maldives.

Of course, the gang were more than happy to join her overseas, but fans had criticised Louise for accepting the invitation when she claimed Stephanie is not her friend.

Louise Thompson and Stephanie Pratt clash in Maldives, Made In Chelsea
9 May

© E4

Viewers watched Stephanie and Louise clash on the trip, after trying to clear the air between them. Things had been tense between Louise and Stephanie, after Louise claimed she had been treating her like a "second rate friend" following Steph's fallout with Lucy Watson.

Louise didn't approve of Stephanie's "cute" comments about Alex Mytton (Steph had said she saw Alex as an "option" but claims she was unaware that he was still in a relationship with Nicola Hughes) and accused Steph of only talking to her because she was no longer speaking to Lucy.

Arriving in the Maldives, Louise admitted she was surprised to be invited. She told Binky: "It's really rude, but [Stephanie] doesn't bring anything to my life."

Things then got awkward between Stephanie and Louise when the pair later came face-to-face. When Stephanie said she felt like there was some "disconnect" between them, Louise explained: "I feel very awkward... initially I heard all about the Alex stuff and quite frankly it's none of my business, so I don't know why I cared so much - but then I heard the way you kind of spun everything with Lucy."

Louise Thompson and Stephanie Pratt clash in Maldives, Made In Chelsea
9 May

© E4

Louise Thompson and Stephanie Pratt clash in Maldives, Made In Chelsea
9 May

© E4

She then accused Stephanie of holding Lucy being upset against her.

Stephanie defended herself and hit back: "I'm not I keep trying to reach out to her and talk to her. I don't think she is ok... evidently there was some big fight on her birthday with James lying to her. I really don't get why you are so mad. Out of anyone to have such an opinionated and offended stance, I would think the last person would be you."

Louise told Stephanie she didn't think that she would have been invited on the trip if she had still been friends with Lucy, leading Steph to ask her co-star why she decided to come.

Louise replied "Good question... there's a lot of my good friends here."

Hitting a nerve, Stephanie then said: "So you are using me to hang out with Binky? If I didn't care about you as a person, when you cheated on Alik I would have been like bye. I care about you, I know you're not that person... I miss being close, but it is getting exhausting for me to keep trying."

Fans of MIC then criticised Louise for heading to the Maldives, knowing that she doesn't consider Stephanie a close friend.

One Twitter user had said: "@LouiseAThompson how could you go on holiday with someone you don't want to be with! You just used Steph,what a nasty b*tchy thing to do!"

Louise hit back by tweeting: "Sometimes, albeit rarely, you just have NO choice on whether or not you go on an abroad trip, I know it sounds really strange."

She added in a second tweet: "Wouldn't have been very good tv if Steph was sat on a beach on her own."

Georgia Kousoulou and Lucy Watson tweets
10 May

© Twitter / @MissGeorgiakx / @imLucyWatson

Louise received support from her co-star Lucy and TOWIE's Georgia Kousoulou. Georgia had tweeted: "Love the girls loyalty to @imLucyWatson & also remember every1 they had to go to the trip there on a show, #MadeInChelsea."

Making a dig at Stephanie, she added: "If a "friend " talks about your convos that were in confidence... They were never a friend in the first place ! No loyalty really annoys me."

Lucy replied to Georgia: "@MissGeorgiakx people think she paid for them all to go to the Maldives."

She also tweeted (and has since deleted): "I understand some things are edited to be a certain way, but the show pays for the holidays, not the cast. However much they may pretend."

Stephanie, meanwhile, hasn't commented. Instead, she appeared to hit out at Louise tweeting as their exchange aired on TV: "Why the f**k didn't I push her in the water?! #MadeInChelsea."

A rep for MIC had no comment to make when contacted by Reveal.

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