Stephanie Davis takes subtle swipe at Jeremy McConnell after liking (then unliking) tweet calling him 'loser'?

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Has Stephanie Davis taken a subtle swipe at Jeremy McConnell after he declared – then deleted – his love for her?

It's been another confusing day in the Stephanie / Jeremy relationship status situation as, after splitting for a fourth time last week, Jeremy randomly tweeted "love you baby x" at Stephanie this morning, before deleting the message.


Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell


Stephanie and Jeremy in April.

There was no context for the tweet or reason why it was deleted just minutes after being posted. Stephanie hasn't responded although she did favourite a tweet by another user that wasn't too flattering towards Jez…

In response to a tweet from Jeremy that he was en route to London, the user wrote: "Hope you are coming to London for a trip to rehab ! You need it, stop manipulating this situation that you made #loser."

Stephanie liked the comment - before unliking it.

We're so confused by it all.

Irish model Jeremy - who met Steph in the Celebrity Big Brother house in January - has also been favouriting tweets including a paparazzi photo of Steph on 6 May, and a tweet she sent on 7 May about her music.

His 'love you' message came after she appeared on Irish radio station Spin FM to discuss her sadness at their latest break up and say, while she still loved Jeremy, she didn't think there was room for her in his life. She also suggested he needed to fix his own problems rather than her trying to fix them for him.

"I'm the biggest believer in love, and obviously I fell madly in love with him," she added, calling Jeremy one of the kindest, funniest people she'd ever met, but saying he'd abandoned her when she needed him.

Steph was accused of going AWOL on Jeremy and hooking up with another man, which she vehemently denied.

"I fell out with my family, I lost everything, I didn't have anyone. Then he accused me and left me...." she said. "I gave up everything for love really, just to be heartbroken. I just feel like I've got no-one, and the one person I needed was Jez."

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