Updated: Charlotte Crosby 'secretly texting David Hawley' while linked to Gaz Beadle is "nonsense"

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Geordie Shore stars Charlotte Crosby and Gary Beadle have found themselves at the centre of new claims surrounding their relationship. This time, Charlotte is in the firing line and has been accused of 'secretly texting' another guy while linked to Gaz.

A rep for Charlotte refused to comment when contacted by Reveal, referring to the reports as "nonsense" instead.

Things turned sour recently between Charlotte and Gary, after reports claimed he had bedded Jem Lucy, Charlotte Dawson and Olivia Walsh while filming the new series of Ex On The Beach in Thailand.

Charlotte and Gary had been trying to figure out if they had a future together, but after those EOTB rumours surfaced, Charlotte vowed to 'stay well away' from Gary. He, meanwhile, cryptically tweeted there are 'two sides to every story' and now it seems these latest reports could be what he is referring to...

Charlotte Crosby and Gary 'Gaz' Beadle in bed together.
4 April 2016.

© Snapchat / Sophies World

According to The Mirror, Gary learned that Charlotte had been 'secretly texting' David Hawley - a former flame - while romantically linked to him.

Charlotte has insisted she and Gary have both been single, despite everyone presuming they were dating in recent months, but the pair had been trying to figure out whether they could make their romance work.

Gary had revealed he was willing to give his relationship with Charlotte a go. She, meanwhile, admitted she still had her reservations about Gaz (thanks to their history and him signing up for the new series of Ex On The Beach), but would "100 percent commit" to him if he stayed away from other girls on the show.

While filming in Thailand, Gary reportedly came face-to-face with Charlotte's former flame David (Jem Lucy's ex). Charlotte and David were first linked back in early January, when Jem accused Charlotte of 'stealing her man.'

Following pictures surfacing of Charlotte and David kissing in Newcastle, Jem hit out at Charlotte on Twitter, branding her 'vile' and saying: "[Charlotte] nicked my fella, but has always been pure nice to my face! I don't f*** about! I'm the nicest girl ever until I get pushed, then that's it. Sorry."

However, Charlotte's rep at the time dismissed Jem's claims as untrue. They said: "Charlotte hasn't stolen anyone's boyfriend, David Hawley is just a friend from Newcastle she's known him for years."

Now, a source has accused Charlotte of still being in contact with David while things between her and Gary were progressing.

Gary Beadle shares shirtless photo on Instagram
29 April

© Instagram / @gazgshore

Gary has been filming for EOTB's new series.

Jem Lucy posts selfie on Twitter aimed at haters
27 April

© Twitter / @jem_lucy

David is Jem Lucy's ex-boyfriend.

They told the paper that Gary had come face-to-face with David on the new series of Ex On The Beach. MTV are yet to confirm the show's lineup, but reports recently claimed Gary bedded Jem while filming - so news her ex arrived on the show could be logical, right?

The source explained: "Gaz and David had words and realised they were both texting Charlotte at the same time. David told everyone when he arrived and also claimed Charlotte was texting him the day Gaz left for Ex On The Beach."

"She then called him after filming and asked why he'd told everyone on the show," they added. "[Charlotte] is going to get a horrible shock because nothing is sugarcoated.

"You can't have Gaz and the guy you've been texting in the same house without you there and not expect them to talk."

A rep for Charlotte refused to comment when contacted by Reveal, referring to the reports as "nonsense" instead.

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