Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby reacts to news Gaz Beadle is single: "He wants to be with us?"

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Geordie Shore's Charlotte Crosby instantly questioned whether Gary Beadle split with ex-girlfriend Lillie Lexie Gregg because of her when she found out the news he was single.

In tonight's series finale, Gary dropped the bombshell he had split with Lillie. He had left the house claiming he needed to 'sort his head out' after growing closer to Charlotte and beginning to question his relationship.

Ruling out his exit from the house for good, Gaz came back and told his co-stars he isn't going anywhere, but he is single again. So, how did his on/off flame Charlotte react?

Charlotte Crosby reacts to news Gary Beadle is single, Confession Cam
3 May


Yep, you guessed it. She was just a *tad* excited.

Talking to Geordie Shore's Confession Cam, Charlotte revealed: "You've just caught us in the shower because I am cleaning myself, just in case I get lucky tonight because Gary is SINGLE. This is the news of the century."

She continued: "It's only been like three years since we've been single together. We've grown up. We've matured. We're ready to settle down now. Ok, I'm getting a little bit too excited. He's only been single for four hours, but he's not with Lillie anymore and this is the best news I've ever heard."

Charlotte then went on to question Gary's reasons for ending his year long romance with Lillie. Wondering whether it was because he still has feelings for her, the 25-year-old added: "I don't know why he's finished her... is it because of me? I'm single and he wants to be with us? God knows... I'm rushing things and I need to slow down. I'm turning into a bunny boiler."

Gaz Beadle reveals he is single again, Confession Cam
3 May


Gary, meanwhile, admitted he was scared and nervous to be a free agent again.

Opening up about his new relationship status, Gary told the Confession Cam: "It's the first time me and Charlotte have been single in probably about three years. Is it scary? Yes. Am I nervous? Yes. It's the first time I've been single in this house in about a year...

"Charlotte's face nearly fell out of her a*se. I think she probably got a bit of a shock, but secretly she is probably buzzing."

This can only mean Chaz resurfaces again, right? Well, fans did see Charlotte and Gaz having a bit of a heart to heart in this series' final episode. Charlotte had told Gaz how much she missed him while he wasn't in the house, and Gaz had told her he felt like a 'schoolboy trying to chat up a girl' when talking to her.

Charlotte Crosby and Gaz Beadle, Geordie Shore Series 12 Episode 8
3 May


Charlotte then pressed Gary when it came to his feelings for her and told him, the only option they hadn't tried was the pair of them actually giving their relationship a go.

She told him: "The only option we haven't tried is me and you. You have always been the one person that will never fade away," she says. "That one person that, no matter who I get with, I'll always think, 'What if?'"

With that, Charlotte and Gary made a pact to both be single when they return to the Geordie Shore house.

And that's exactly what happened when they returned for Geordie Shore's Big Birthday Battle... does that mean romance is definitely on the cards when that hits our screens next week?!

Geordie Shore Big Birthday Battle airs Tuesday 10 May at 10pm on MTV.

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