Geordie Shore's Aaron says Chantelle tattoo is nearly gone: 'Laser is f**king awful'

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Geordie Shore's Aaron Chalmers has admitted it's been rather painful getting *that* tattoo of Chantelle Connelly's name removed from his arm.

The Geordie lad inked Chantelle's moniker on himself during a tattoo parlour date at the start of series 12, when he was trying to woo Chantelle away from co-star Scotty T.

She got Aaron's name tattooed on her wrist in return.

Aaron Chalmers and Chantelle Connelly tattoo date, Geordie Shore
22 March


Aaron and Chantelle got matching tattoos on a date.

But in the harsh light of day, he rather regretted the decision, and announced he would be getting the tattoo lasered off.

Judging from a tweet to Marnie Simpson, that process is nearly complete – but it's not been an easy one. He told Marnie: "If your name is ever tattooed on my skin it's staying no matter what!! Laser is f**king awful haha! One more sitting left."

Aaron Chalmers is getting his Chantelle Connelly tattoo removed
April 2016

© Snapchat / @aaronchalmers5

Aaron showed the progress of his laser removal on Snapchat.

Aaron also shared a photo to Snapchat showing Chantelle's name has significantly faded. But while he regrets it, Chantelle has said she doesn't mind having Aaron's name on her wrist as it will always be a "big memory."

"What the f**k?" was Marnie's reaction. "Why would you do it?"

Off-camera, Aaron said: "Because you were engaged [to Ricky Rayment], I wanted to pull Chantelle and get one over on Scott. But f**king hell, I regret it now, like."

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