Geordie Shore Big Birthday Battle: Remember Kyle Christie?

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Geordie Shore Big Birthday Battle: Remember Kyle Christie?

Geordie Shore is turning five years old and to celebrate, the show is throwing together our favourite Geordies from series old and new. Yup, Geordie Shore's five year special is set to air on our screens on 10 May and we'll get to see the likes of Kyle, James Tindale, Sophie Kasaei, Daniel Thomas-Tuck, Ricci Guarnaccio, and Jay Gardner return.

But what have they all been up to since leaving the Geordie Shore house?

Kyle Christie, Geordie Shore, Episode 2, Series 11
23 October


Well, to be fair, it hasn't actually been *that* long since Kyle did leave the house...

Joined Geordie Shore: Kyle joined the show in series eight, shortly after Aaron Chlamers made his debut, back in 2014. He arrived as Marnie Simpson's best friend and quickly caught the eye of his now ex-girlfriend Holly Hagan.

Left Geordie Shore: He then bid the house goodbye a year later in 2015. Kyle headed to Greece with the rest of the gang for series eleven and touching down overseas, he and Holly couldn't have seemed more smitten. However, it soon became clear their romance wasn't completely rosy. Kyle split with Holly and told her he needed to be single, but their continuous flirting and rows following their break up took their toll on the rest of the house. Holly and Kyle were given an ultimatum: one of them had to go. Kyle decided it should be him and later confirmed he wouldn't be returning for series 12.

Most known for: His relationship with Holly. It pretty much took over his time in the house, didn't it? Fans were rooting for Hyle as the pair battled with their feelings for each other and our hearts melted when Kyle finally plucked up the courage to ask Holly to be his girlfriend - his first ever girlfriend that is. When things hit a rough patch in Greece, Kyle confessed Holly was the right girl for him, but it was the wrong time for him to be in a relationship. He ended up clashing with the boys over their failed romance, but after returning back to the 'Toon, Kyle and Holly did give their relationship another go.

Now: Kyle is single again and Holly has pretty much ruled out a reunion between the pair for now. Although she did admit 'never say never' too. Things turned pretty sour between the exes for a period of time, with Holly revealing she and Kyle were not speaking in November last year and Kyle claiming Holly thinks Geordie Shore is more important than him. They are now back on friendlier terms, though. While Kyle does still speak to Nathan Henry and Chloe Ferry, fans recently saw Aaron on series twelve of the show admit that he and Kyle hadn't spoken since falling out in Greece. Will the boys patch things up when they're reunited? Since Geordie Shore, Kyle has gone on to film another TV show for MTV, Car Crash Couples. He teamed up with Holly and the pair road tripped across Europe just TWO weeks after breaking up.

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