Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson: 'Charlotte Crosby is THE star of the show; it wouldn't work without her'

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Could Geordie Shore be renamed The Charlotte Crosby Show?

Probably not, but one person who wouldn't mind it happening is Marnie Simpson, who has told Daily Mail she reckons co-star Charlotte is THE face of the show.

Marnie Simpson selfie on Instagram
15 April

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Charlotte Crosby looks sultry in new selfie, April 2016.

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"I wouldn't disagree with people calling it The Charlotte Crosby Show," she said.

"She's always been the star of the show. It sounds unfair to other cast members but she just made such a name for herself. She did amazing things for Geordie Shore and all of us as a brand are lucky to have her because she's good at what she does."

Charlotte, 25, has suggested recently she's been thinking about quitting the MTV franchise in the future, but Marnie is adamant that will never happen and the cast won't let the series one original walk away.

"I don't think the show would work without Charlotte," she said. "None of us would let that happen. I think Geordie Shore's her home and I don't think she'd leave if I'm honest."

Char had told This Morning: "I feel like I also need to move away from Geordie Shore. I think in time, I'm going to have to. I haven't made my mind up yet, but I'm feeling that way."


Meanwhile, co-stars Marnie and Charlotte have made up following that MASSIVE row on last night's episode, after Marnie drunkenly kissed Marty McKenna at the club. Charlotte was angry for Chloe Ferry, who has history with Marty, and annoyed with Marnie because of Marnie previously sleeping with Gaz Beadle.

But the girls patched up their differences soon after, with Marnie tweeting: "Hate hate hate fights NEVER AGAIN :( love you char."

Charlotte replied: "NEVER EVER AGAIN! love you more than anything."