Rebecca Adlington channels her inner Bridget Jones: 'My life is actually a bit chaotic like that'

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Rebecca Adlington has channelled her inner Bridget Jones to mark 100 days until the Olympics.

Mum-of-one Rebecca has helped to recreate a famous Hollywood wake up scene from the big screen. Taking an iron to her hair, the retired competitive swimmer transformed herself into singleton Bridget.

Rebecca Adlington impersonates Bridget Jones as she recreates the wake up scene from Bridget Jones's Diary to announce that she will be a Kellogg's Team GB Great Starts ambassador for the Rio Olympic Games alongside Sir Steve Redgrave and Louis Smith.27 April 2016.

© Jim Marks

As all you Bridget fans will know, the scene is from the second film, Edge of Reason, where Bridget tries to iron her backcombed hair before going to the Law Council Ball with Mark Darcy.

"It was really nice to do something a bit different and pretend to be Bridget Jones for a day," says Rebecca. "When you have a child your life is actually a bit chaotic like that.

"It's a case of waking up and sorting your child out. I need to change her nappy, then I need to feed her and I'm a mess! You literally get up and stay in your PJ's with your hair all over the place!"

Rebecca, who is mother to daughter Summer, adds in a video: "To be fair my hair is a little bit like this in the morning, especially at 6am when my daughter is screaming her eyes out."

Meanwhile, gymnast and three time Olympic medallist Louis Smith recreated not one, but three scenes.

Louis Smith impersonates Peter Parker as he recreates the wake up scene from Spider-Man to announce that he will be a Kellogg's Team GB Great Starts ambassador for the Rio Olympic Games alongside Sir Steve Redgrave and Rebecca Adlington.27 April 2016.

© Jim Marks

He impersonated Home Alone child tear away Kevin McCallister, flexed his muscles in front of the mirror like Spider-Man's Tobey Maguire, and fulfilled his dream of impersonating child wizard Harry Potter.

"My ultimate was recreating the Harry Potter scene because I'm a massive Harry Potter fan," he says. "When my agent told me I'd be dressed up as him eating in the Great Hall, I really thought he was winding me up! I was sold straight away. I'm doing up my spare bedroom at the moment in the style of Harry Potter, which keeps me busy.

"I've always loved sci-fi films with aliens and super heroes - I'm a bit of a geek like that. I get lost in those kinds of films but when I watch Harry Potter I get so sucked in to that different world, it is such a good mental escape for me. You could talk to me while I'm watching it and I wouldn't hear what you're saying! It's magical, I love it."

Steve Redgrave, Louis Smith and Rebecca Adlington recreate the breakfast scene from Harry Potter to announce that they will be the Kellogg's Team GB Great Starts ambassadors for the Rio Olympic Games.27 April 2016.

© Jim Marks

Rebecca and Louis, who are both Kellogg's Team GB Ambassadors, did the campaign alongside Sir Steve Redgrave.

With the Olympics coming this summer, they've all been recruited to promote Kellogg's Great Starts, a campaign which aims to encourage everyone to reach their full potential every day.

And, the public can even enter an exclusive competition to win a pair of tickets to the Olympic Games. For more information visit:

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