Ouch! Ibiza Weekender star Imogen Townley gets both her nipples pierced

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Ibiza Weekender star Imogen Townley has proved she is one pretty brave person. She had not one but BOTH of her nipples pierced one after the other...

Ouch. That's got to hurt, right?

Imogen Townley selfie, Instagram
13 April

© Instagram / @imogenweekender

Imogen Townely gets two new ear piercings
22 April

© Instagram / @imogenweekender

Over the weekend, Imogen revealed she'd had a spontaneous trip to the piercing shop and decided to add a few new jewels to her bod. But rather than just opting for just one new piercing, the reality star decided to treat herself to four. FOUR.

Now that's just completely crazy... How much pain can she take?!

As well as getting two new piercings on her ear, a hoop near the top of her ear and a second on her lobe, Imogen braved a nipple piercing too. Two nipple piercings in fact - one for each.

She even filmed herself having it done and shared the clip for her followers on Instagram to see. In her video, Imogen is surprisingly as cool as a cucumber. She has her back to the camera, but can be heard saying: "One down, one to go..."


Alongside her post, she said: "So one wasn't enough! Thank you @stockothepiercer for my pretty nips! #BodyPiercings #PrettyNippleCrew."

Imogen's new piercings aren't the only new additions to her look lately. It seems the starlet is giving herself a bit of an image overhaul and recently debuted her longer locks.

After giving her hair the chop two months ago, Imogen has gone back to her longer lengths with a set of glossy extensions. New hair for a new start (or should we say new man...), perhaps?

Last week, Imogen also revealed she is dating again. The holiday rep has been gushing about her new beau Louis Harding on social media recently and the pair have been seen enjoying several loved-up dates together.

So far, Imogen and Louis are keeping coy on their relationship status, but we're all dying to know if things between the two are likely to become official!

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