Geordie Shore: Marty McKenna arrives but Holly Hagan is left in tears

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Geordie Shore: Fans will finally get to see new boy Marty McKenna make his entrance into the house next week, but why is Holly Hagan left in tears by his arrival?!

That's not exactly the welcome he probably had in mind, is it?

Marty McKenna, Geordie Shore Episode 6
14 April


In a sneak peek at Tuesday's episode of the show shared by MTV, everyone (asides from Holly) is buzzing to see there is a new boy on the block.

Introducing himself, Marty definitely makes an impression as he tells the camera: "I'm Marty, I'm 21, I'm from Newcastle and I'm probably the biggest party animal you'll ever meet. I've got the looks, the banter and a quiff nearly as big as my chopper."


He rocks up to the Geordie Shore house on a hover-board (as you do) and it's fair to say his entrance mostly goes down a storm. Pleased to see she's not the only newbie anymore, Chantelle says: "It's a new lad. I couldn't be happier. I'm no longer the newbie anymore."

Nathan jokes: "There's a new boy, he looks like a skinny Justin Bieber!" While Gaz says: "In walks this quiff followed by a little boy holding a hover-board. Who the f**k is that?"

Marty McKenna and Chloe Ferry, Geordie Shore Episode 6
14 April


Scott is already familiar with Marty and reveals: "I've known this kid from out in Newcastle and every time I see him, his hair gets bigger and bigger. Pretty soon he's going to have an owl sanctuary on his head."

Chloe also knows Marty thanks to their history (they've hooked up in the past) and is left a little red-faced to greet him wearing leg warmers and her hair in ponytails. "Oh my god it's Marty, I'm buzzing. Me and Marty have sh*gged and I tell you... it's a big'un."

Holly Hagan breaks down in tears after Marty McKenna arrives, Geordie Shore
14 April


While this is going on, however, Holly is in the corner in tears. Charlotte checks to see if she is ok and she reveals she had hoped it was her boyfriend Kyle Christie who walked through the door.

"When the door opened I just thought it was going to be Kyle, because the last time that happened it was Marnie," she tells her pal. "I look at all the four boys and I know that Kyle is meant to be there with them."

She adds: "Now the new boy has come and taken his space, it just makes this whole experience not even worth it."

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday 19 April on MTV at 10pm.

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