TOWIE's Georgia Kousoulou: 'Chloe Lewis is stronger than all of us girls put together'

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TOWIE's Georgia Kousoulou has said Chloe Lewis is stronger than all the female cast put together for how she's handled the Jake Hall / Megan McKenna rumour.

A rumour, which started on Twitter, has been sweeping Essex alleging that Jake and new co-star Megan slept together. They've both vehemently denied it but Chloe thinks it's true.

TOWIE official website video: Georgia and Chloe
13 April 2016


Georgia with Chloe.

On last night's series finale, Chloe and Jake came face to face for crisis talks: he continued to deny the rumour, she continued to believe it was true. It all culminated in their on-off eight-year romance coming to an end.

Speaking to the TOWIE official website after the episode, Chloe's close friend Georgia said: "I think Chloe has handled the situation amazingly. I think all the girls are absolutely shocked how she is dealing with it. She's shown she's stronger than all of us together. She's like superwoman.

"It's good she has closure and can get on with her life. I feel sometimes when you're put in a situation where you have no choice it's easier. If you split up with someone naturally you'll always think, 'have I done the right thing?' but she had no choice."

After the showdown with Jake at a park, Chloe decided to attend to attend Debbie's punk rock birthday party, while Jake stayed away. She told the girls he hadn't wanted the relationship to end but it had to happen.

Recalling her talk with Jake, she told the girls: "It feels like a bit of a blur, if I'm honest. I can't remember it that well. I was crying and it was very emotional."

"Everyone keeps talking to me as if I'm not shocked but I am shocked. If I thought for one minute this was going on I wouldn't be with him. People think I've just put up with this for eight years but I haven't."

"On his part, he doesn't want it to be done but I'm done. I am not going to be the mug anymore."

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