TOWIE: Kate Wright agrees to girls' weekend... but things get awkward with Chloe Meadows, Courtney Green

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TOWIE's Kate Wright insisted she wouldn't join the Essex ladies for a girls' weekend in Suffolk but she has a change of heart in tonight's episode.

The blonde reality star had initially declined Megan McKenna's offer to spend a weekend away with the gang – including Chloe Meadows and CourtneyGreen – as she simply didn't feel ready to bond with them.

TOWIE Series 17, Episode 12
To air 6 April 2016
Kate and Georgia


Kate with Georgia in tonight's episode.

On the last episode, Kate had said: "I seem like a bitch now but I don't think I'll come. I really don't want to. I feel I'm being forced into a situation…"

She became tearful prompting Megan and Danielle Armstrong to say she didn't have to come if she didn't want to.

But she's had a change of heart, as tonight she heads to Suffolk with the girls for Megan's weekend, designed to bring everybody together and put past differences to one side.

TOWIE Series 17, Episode 12
To air 6 April 2016
Chloe M and Courtney, Kate and Georgia


Kate is still nervous about the idea of spending time with Chloe M and Courtney and perhaps she was right as an "awkward conversation ensues" when the come face-to-face.

It's well known that Chloe M and Courtney have found themselves on the sidelines since joining TOWIE at the start of the 17th series.

They've ruffled plenty of feathers, including Kate's. Chloe M previously apologised for taking a swipe at Kate's fashion sense, while most recently, viewers saw Kate accusing Chloe M of wanting her and Dan Edgar to break up so Chloe M could comfort Dan. Chloe M denied that.

TOWIE Series 17, Episode 12
To air 6 April 2016
Chloe M and Courtney


All the agg resulted in Chloe M and Courtney not being invited to Chloe Sims' graduation party last week, and instead they had to spend a night at home alone.

Megan, however, went along and tried to make peace, coming up with her idea for a weekend away.

She said this week: "I'm not going to let it get to the point where none of us can be out at the same place and can't talk. If we can be in the same place at the same time on nights out I'm happy with that. I'm not asking them to be best friends with them, I just think it would be so much easier for me if we could all be in the same place without rowing."

TOWIE continues tonight at 10pm on ITVBe.

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