Exclusive: Danielle Armstrong's TOWIE bombshell: 'I'm thinking about leaving to get over Lockie'

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No, Danni, please don't go!

TOWIE star Danielle Armstrong, 27, dropped a bombshell in her interview with Reveal magazine - out now - telling us she was thinking of QUITTING the show to get over ex-boyfriend James 'Lockie' Lock.

TOWIE Series 17, Episode 9
Danielle and Chloe L talk


Could Danielle really leave the show for a while?


"I'm at the point where I'm wondering shall I leave TOWIE to get over him?" she said.

"I'm considering taking a break to make my head sane again."

Viewers know that Danielle and Lockie, 29, split in Marbella last year, just as he'd been about to pop the question, but as they work together on the ITVBe show and share the same social circles, they've been in each other's pockets ever since, making it hard for Danielle to move on.

She's been open on the programme about how hard it is to watch Lockie getting on with life and flirting with other girls, including newcomer Courtney Green.

TOWIE Series 17, Episode 11


TOWIE Series 17, Episode 11


TOWIE episode to air 25 October 2015
Lockie and Danielle


In happier times.

That's all led to a perception that Danielle has been chasing after Lockie, hoping to get him back, but, as revealed in the last episode, she told us that just wasn't the truth.

"People think I'm chasing him but it's SO the other way round! Just three weeks ago, he was on about booking a holiday together and sorting things out between us. We have kissed a couple of times, although we haven't slept with each other."

She added: "I haven't wanted to because then I would definitely have gone psycho seeing him flirting with Courtney!"

Reveal Magazine cover, Issue 14, 9 to 15 April 2016
On Sunday night's episode (3 April), viewers saw Lockie come clean to best friend Pete Wicks that he had been messaging Danielle in secret more than he'd let on to the boys, which is why her decision to block him on social media last week really hit home.

"I've been in a lot more contact than I let on, even to you," he said. "[Her blocking me] was all a bit of a wake-up call maybe. I don't like not talking to her.

"The greatest injustice is we're both living a lie. We are both trying to lie to ourselves that we aren't bothered about each other and that's the problem. We are both bothered about each other. As much as I pretend I haven't got feelings for her still, it's bulls**t. I do still have feelings for her."

Pick up this week's Reveal magazine for more from Danni, including the secret texts she receives from Lockie and how she really feels about working with him.

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