'So happy!' Stephanie Davis announces engagement to Jeremy McConnell (on April Fools' Day!)

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It's April Fools' Day and Stephanie Davis has just announced she's engaged (presumably to Jeremy McConnell?) after all the recent drama..

Shock. Horror. What?!

Stephanie Davis says she's engaged to Jeremy McConnell... on April Fools' Day

© Twitter / @stephdavis77

Of course it was an April Fool! Steph, 23, revealed that shortly after her initial tweet, but fans had already sussed it. One said: "April Fools! Nearly had me then!"

Stephanie's tweet had read: "Omgggggg after all this I'm so happy to say we're engaged!!!! never been so happy ahhhh!!!"

She's certainly right to say "after all this" as Steph and Jeremy have packed more drama into their few short months together than many people do in a lifetime.

Stephanie Davis and Jeremy McConnell arriving back in the U.K. after their relationship reunion in Spain
March 2016


Stephanie Davis declares love for Jeremy McConnell on Instagram
17 March

© Instagram / @stephaniedavis88

Regular readers of Reveal.co.uk probably need no reminder but here's a quick recap of the main points:

They met on Celebrity Big Brother and fell in love, despite Steph having a boyfriend, Sam Reece, outside the house. After the show ended, she split from her boyf and started dating Jeremy, and they seemed blissfully happy for a while.

Then an allegation surfaced that Jez had slept with a club dancer after his eviction but while Steph was still in the house. He initially denied it before confessing it on TV. Further allegations of infidelity followed which he vehemently denied, but it's all meant they've split and reunited numerous times, most recently this week.

To be honest, though, would we really be surprised if an actual engagement did occur at some stage?

Steph's April Fools' engagement tweet came after she vowed on 29 March to stop posting about her private life on social media. Didn't last that long, did it?!

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