Exclusive: Courtney Green says Kate Wright's reaction over favourited tweet was "extreme"

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TOWIE's Courtney Green has talked about her recent fallout with Kate Wright.

Wednesday's episode saw the girls come face-to-face, with Kate fuming after seeing Courtney had liked a tweet saying 'Kate has a face like plastic, no wonder her boyfriend doesn't want to talk to her. She moans so much'.

TOWIE's Courtney Green filming at Miya nightclub.
20 March 2016.

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Courtney said she didn't intend to offend Kate by favouriting the unflattering tweet, but Kate told her: "You know I'm going through a hard time so why would you favourite something like that?"

However, there was no resolution as the conversation got tense and Kate walked away.

Now, Courtney tells Reveal: "It was this one tweet that I don't actually remember liking, I laughed because I found it awkward but I find it weird. Why would you bring that up? It's a liked tweet. I understand if I would have written it, cry all you want, but it's over a liked tweet, I just think it's a bit extreme. It's just to make me look bad obviously."

Courtney and Kate come face to face on The Only Way Is Essex.
30 March 2016.

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Courtney says she didn't intend to laugh when Kate approached her, insisting that she felt "awkward" about the situation.

"I apologised but she won't accept the apology," she adds. "I think it's because I laughed in her face but not in a horrible way, she just started crying and I felt awkward. That's just how I express myself, I'm quite an awkward person, I'm not affectionate. I've got quite a hard shell and I'm only really affectionate to people who I'm really close to, like my best friends."

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