Exclusive: Megan McKenna slams ex-fiancé Jordan Davies: "I was embarrassed by his proposal on Ex On The Beach"

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Megan McKenna has slammed her ex-fiancé Jordan Davies for lying about the price of her engagement ring.

Megan, who is now dating TOWIE star Pete Wicks, also says she found it "embarrassing" when Jordan proposed to her in Portugal during the series four finale of Ex On The Beach.

Megan McKenna filming for TOWIE, Brickyard restaurant Essex
23 March


The fourth series of EOTB marked the return of Jordan and Megan - aka Jegan - as the power couple. They proved to be stronger than ever, and by the end of the series, Jordan proposed to Megan after secretly buying her an engagement ring for £179.

Megan had told him, "You spent all that money on this little ring", and Jordan replied: "I know, that's how much you mean to me, money's no object."

Megan had also revealed her lavish wedding plans - including horse and carriage and a designer fishtail dress - when Jordan told her: "Megs, you do realise I spent all the money on your ring."

Now, Megan tells Reveal that she felt obliged to accept his proposal.

"I wasn't expecting that," she admits. "I wish he didn't do that on the show. I think it's a bit embarrassing to be honest, but obviously he was my boyfriend at the time so I'm not going to go say no, am I? And I was extremely p*ssed too.

"He also lied to me about the ring price, which was embarrassing. Sorry but, what the f**k? This is what annoys me, people think I'm the psycho crazy one, but how can he be saying and doing things like that and me keep my cool? It's not normal."

Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies after engagement, Ex On The Beach
8 March


Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies after engagement, Ex On The Beach
8 March


Jordan and Megan, who began dating after meeting on EOTB series three last year, split shortly after they returned to film series four of the MTV reality show. Megan confirmed their split in December, and despite stating it was amicable at first, things soon turned bitter.

Jordan hit out at Megan for "using him" to further her own career, insisting she split with him to appear on Celebrity Big Brother. But Megan said she ended their romance because he had "broken her trust".

Things turned even more sour this month when Jordan's early exit as head rep from Ibiza Weekender was aired. Jordan claimed he left the show to save his relationship with Megan.

However, Megan has once again hit out at Jordan, claiming he only left the show to film the new series of Ex On The Beach - and she has now accused him of allegedly cheating on her.

Megan McKenna and Jordan Davies engaged, Ex On The Beach
8 March


"Jordan did not leave Ibiza Weekender for me, he left Ibiza Weekender to film Ex On The Beach with me," Megan tells us. "So that sob story he's going for that he left his favourite job for his girlfriend is a load of sh*t. I also heard that he cheated on me out there, so he plays the Mr innocent who loved me when really and truly he was being a little sh*t.

"It did upset me the most that he made out like I made him leave Ibiza Weekender. I did not. I supported him. I said go and do it. I was at home and I know there were a lot of phone calls with me calling at the time. He left to film another TV show, so it's a load of bullocks really."

Reveal have contacted Jordan's rep for comment in regards to Megan's latest claims.

Jordan has previously denied cheating allegations. When the couple split in December, he slammed any infidelity claims as the reason behind their break-up, saying via Twitter: "Na Megan didn't cheat and neither did I. [sic]"

While Megan has moved on with Pete, Jordan has been romantically linked to Geordie Shore's Marnie Simpson.

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