TOWIE's Danielle Armstrong blocks ex-boyfriend Lockie on social media

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Danielle Armstrong has blocked ex-boyfriend James 'Lockie' Lock on social media, bringing their renewed friendship to an end. For now.

The TOWIE exes had been getting on well in recent episodes, striking up a friendship, but that came to an end last night when they clashed over Jake Hall and Chloe Lewis' relationship.

Result? Lockie is a blocked man.

TOWIE Series 17, Episode 10
Danielle blocks Lockie on social media


He told the boys: "She's blocked me from phoning her, Twitter, Instagram, even Snapchat. You know you're f**ked when I went on Lockie's Kitchen and she's blocked me there too. I did get a bit aggy with her, she started pushing my buttons, I started pushing hers."

Danielle, meanwhile, told the girls: "For the first time, I have blocked him off everything. Snapchat, Insatgram, Twitter, and I'm going to tell all the boys I don't want to know. I might even block all of them. He's taken the absolute piss out of me and I'm bored of him."

TOWIE Series 17, Episode 10
Danielle blocks Lockie on social media


They clashed on last night's episode after Lockie questioned why Danielle was getting involved in Chloe and Jake's relationship.

Danielle had told Chloe that Jake didn't treat her well, resulting in an angry Jake calling Danni a "bitch" when they bumped into each other yesterday.

Lockie told her: "Don't make comparisons between me and you and them two because it winds me up. It's got my back up straight away. Why are you getting involved in Jake's relationship because if he comes for you, I'm not going to have your back."

TOWIE continues Sunday at 10pm on ITVBe.

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