TOWIE's Chloe Meadows apologises for saying Kate Wright was dressed for a wedding on Brentwood High Street

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TOWIE's Kate Wright was furious last night when Chloe Meadows took a swipe at her fashion sense, saying: "She's dressed like she's going to a wedding on Brentwood High Street."


It all kicked off when Kate confronted Chloe's best friend Courtney Green about a recent tweet Courtney favourited that wasn't flattering to Kate.

TOWIE Series 17, Episode 10
Kate talks to Chloe and Courtney


During the confrontation on the high street, it all got quite heated as Kate told Courtney how annoyed she was about the tweet – which referred to Kate's relationship and face. She then became enraged by Courtney laughing, resulting in Kate walking off.

As she did, Chloe muttered to Courtney: "Dressed like you're going to a wedding. F**king hell. On Brentwood High Street."

The only problem was Kate heard…

TOWIE episode 10, series 17
Kate confronts Chloe and Courtney
Aired: 30 March 2016


Chloe, with Megan McKenna.

Kate later told the girls: "When I walked off I heard Chloe say, why the f**k is she wearing a wedding outfit down Brentwood High Street? I was so angry but thought I shouldn't turn round, I had to carry on walking."

But she got her chance to confront Chloe during the girls' night, opening the conversation by saying: "Am I dressed appropriately for you today?"

Chloe replied: "I said that because I'm getting so annoyed with so much agg all the time. It's really getting to me."

"Making a personal dig like that is a little harsh, babe," said Danielle Armstrong, who was backing up Kate.

"I know it's harsh that's why I'm apologising," said Chloe, adding it was a "heat of the moment" comment. "I apologise 100 per cent. I just wanted things sorted and you were walking away."

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