Katie Price vows to launch anti-cyberbullying campaign after Harvey's Twitter trolls refuse to appear on Loose Women

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Katie Price wants to start her own campaign against cyberbullying, after trolls of her young son Harvey ignored her challenge to appear on Loose Women and explain their actions.

On today's show, Katie's co-panelist Janet Street Porter revealed the programme had contacted six individuals accused of posting nasty messages online about Katie's disabled son Harvey, 13, but none of the five they managed to reach would appear on TV.

Katie Price gives update on Harvey's Twitter trolls, Loose Women
23 March 2016


"Five of the six trolls that we contacted acknowledged our attempt to communicate but all of them refused to come on the show," said Janet, who did not name any of the accused trolls. One even denied the allegations. But we have made some headway with them. Three of the people we contacted acknowledged the allegations and three of them actually apologised.

"What's really shocking is two of the people didn't think what they had posted on social media was offensive. One refused to remove the content, one has taken it down, one absolutely refused point blank, and one has admitted receiving death threats in the aftermath of being labeled a troll.

"All of this is very depressing, the fact that some of these people didn't think those kind of images are offensive. They said it's their sense of humour."

Katie Price shares old photo with son Harvey
25 February

© Instagram / @officialkatieprice

Katie, 37, began a campaign to unmask Twitter trolls two weeks ago after coming across offensive memes, images and comments about her teenage son online. He has the rare genetic condition Prader-Wili, is on the autism spectrum, visually impaired, and has ADHD.

She said today: "I now want to do a massive campaign. I know I won't change everything – I'm not Wonder Woman. And I don't want it to become us bullying the trolls. But it's not just me. Any social media, kids get bullied. I want to do a campaign with Loose Women. I know we're off air in two weeks but when we're back I am on a mission.

"If any of them, their mum, dad, sister, brother, had an accident and became disabled, would they sit there and say things about them?" she added. "This is my son and he can't defend himself."

Jordan (aka Katie Price), son Harvey and Peter Andre
Disney Channel Kids Awards held at the Royal Albert Hall
London, England - 16.09.04


Katie is a doting mum to Harvey, pictured here as a toddler.

Speaking about her campaign plans, determined Katie continued: "I am going to get a T-shirt made, get celebrities to wear it, do a big campaign. Something is better than nothing. I think there should be some kind of vetting to any social media so people can be tracked down. Pricey is on a mission!"

Katie had issued the challenge to trolls last week, saying she wanted them to appear on Loose Women to explain their actions and meet Harvey in person.

"He's my son. I've got five children and they always seem to pick on Harvey.They are racist, they mock the fact that he has disabilities. Trolls are evil. It's absolutely disgusting what they do to him. I have to protect him," she said.

Katie Price leaves the New Victoria Theatre in Woking, with her two sons Harvey Price and Junior Andre

© WENN / Will Alexander

Katie with Harvey in December.

Katie Price, mum Amy and son Harvey interviewed on This Morning, 13 March 2015


Katie has always been open about Harvey's conditions. Pictured with him on This Morning in March 2015.

"I just thought, 'You know what, I've had enough of this.' I've named and shamed them and some have apologised. What else I hate is that I've got their family members threatening me saying, 'If you don't take it down, I'm going to the police. I've got all your people now on their case.' That's what they were doing to me. It was my son. He can't defend himself... he won't understand. I have to protect him because who else is going to?

"What I would love them to do is for them to come on the show next week and be a man and say why you were trolling my son. Explain why you would do it. I'm not going to have a go at them, but I would like them to meet Harvey. He is so innocent."

One troll named and shamed by Katie has since apologised.

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