Michelle Keegan films first TV sex scenes for Plebs: 'It was actually quite fun!'

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Michelle Keegan has successfully completed her first TV sex scene and says, actually, it wasn't that bad!

While plenty of actors get the jitters before getting jiggy with a co-star, actress Michelle has said her first sex scene, in comedy series Plebs, went smoothly.

The scene is with Plebs star Joel Fry.

Plebs. SR3: Ep3: The Vestal on ITV2
Michelle Keegan as Ursula

© ITV / Rise Films

Mich told The Sun: "It was fine, actually… It was one of the first scenes we did. It was nerve-racking but he was so relaxed and calm that it helped me. Then afterwards I was like, 'Is that it?' It was really nothing to be bothered about.

"Now I can say I've been in a sex scene and it was actually quite fun!"

Michelle, 28, added that husband Mark Wright wasn't bothered by the scene at all because he's a massive fan of the ITV2 comedy series, set in Ancient Rome.

The former Coronation Street star also joked to the Daily Star that sex scenes were now "ruined" forever for her, as she now knows what goes into them behind the scenes.

"In a way it's lost the magic for me because any sex scene I see on TV or in the movies will not be as sensual as it looks. It's ruined sex scenes for me forever now. I know what it takes to do them, the fact a camera man is probably stood right next to them and loads of people are watching: it's weird, not sexy!"

Michelle's character Ursula is a "vestal virgin", an ancient maiden of Roman times who held a senior religious position.

Plebs returns to ITV2 on Monday, 4 April.

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