Geordie Shore: Chantelle Connelly reveals she likes Scotty T more than Aaron

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Geordie Shore: Chantelle Connelly has made her choice and it seems like she is favouring Scotty T more than Aaron Chalmers.

Well, their bedroom antics on tonight's episode basically proved that didn't it?!

Chantelle Connelly, Geordie Shore Confession Cam
22 March


Following her arrival to the Geordie Shore house, Chantelle had both Aaron and Scott fighting for her affections. So much so, that she ventured out on a first date with both boys to see which one she likes best.

Aaron was first up and whisked Chantelle to a tattoo parlour, where he ended up getting her name inked onto his wrist and she the same with his. That was enough to put Scott off and after seeing Chantelle's new inking, he told Aaron the newcomer was all his.

However, Chantelle wasn't going to let him get away that easily and called Scott out for 'mugging her off' by refusing to take her out. In the end, Scott had a change of heart and he even managed to steal a kiss from Chantelle after setting up a seaside picnic for the two of them.

Now, Chantelle has confessed it's Scott she really likes.

Speaking to Geordie Shore's Confession Cam, Chantelle recalled her dates and said: "Aaron took us to a tattoo shop... he ended up getting my name. How spontaneous... I did think he was going to be a bit boring, so I'm buzzing about that."

She then added: "Even though my date went wicked with Aaron, I still kinda like Scott. Me and Scott even had a cheeky kiss. Basically I'm feeling Scott a little bit more, so let's just see what happens, but you never know."

Chantelle Connelly and Scotty T kiss, Geordie Shore Series 12, Episode 2
22 March


After getting pretty cosy on their date, Chantelle and Scott couldn't resist necking on in full view of everyone else later on - not only upsetting Chloe who still has feelings for Scott, but angering Aaron too.

He said: "What the actual f**k? Chantelle is a bigger d*ckhead than I actually thought. She hasn't got the decency to tell me that she's picked Scott. She can f**king do one."

And as it became pretty clear Chantelle has made her choice, Aaron told the Confession Cam himself: "Oi oi this is Aaron. Just so you know me and Chantelle went on a date and got each other's names tattooed, but she picked Scott... so that, it's getting f**king lasered!"

We thought he might regret that one!

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday 29 March at 10pm on MTV.

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