Geordie Shore's Holly Hagan on Kyle Christie split: "We tried to make it work, we couldn't"

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Geordie Shore star Holly Hagan has said she will always have a 'connection' with her ex-boyfriend Kyle Christie.

She and Kyle split for the second time last year, and since then, both reality stars have been trying to move on from their break up. While Holly has ruled out a reunion with Kyle, he has assured fans he is now single.

However, that doesn't mean he and Holly no longer have feelings for each other, as she recently revealed the former couple will always have a connection that 'won't ever go away.'

Holly Hagan and Kyle Christie, Macmillan Cancer Party, London
28 July

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Opening up on how things stand with her and her ex-beau, Holly recently told MTV that she and Kyle are trying to be friends.

Despite splitting, Holly and Kyle have had to come face-to-face. They were reunited when filming for Geordie Shore's five year special and headed to Australia together with Chloe Ferry and Nathan Henry earlier this month.

While away, Holly revealed she and Kyle finally got a chance to talk through their break up. Holly said: "We had a good talk and realised we both don't want to take away anything bad from the relationship because the reason we're not together is more to do with the fact we're in the public eye and we're on the show, it's nothing to do with the fact that we didn't love each other, because we did.

She added: "We tried our best to make it work but we couldn't... Of course there's always going to be feelings there between me and Kyle. I think when you've been through something like this with someone, and you've been through so much, you'll always have a connection and that won't ever go away."

Kyle Christie splits with Holly Hagan, Geordie Shore Series 11, Episode 4
10 November


Holly's latest comments on her ex-beau come after she recently told Reveal she and Kyle are no longer speaking.

She exclusively told us: "The thing is with me and [Kyle], there is still so much there and so much that has been said, we just end up arguing. It gets nasty really quickly... We're on ok terms now, but we're not speaking directly."

Holly also revealed that she finds it "frustrating" when the pair are continuously asked if they are getting back together. Thanks to Geordie Shore, Holly and Kyle can be pictured together from time to time, leading fans to speculate if a reunion is on the cards.

However, Holly told us that just makes it all the more harder for her to move on.

"You still get papped together, you're still in photos together and you are still working together – people are always going to assume something is going on," she said. "It's so difficult to be able to move on when that's still happening."

"It's been four and a half months now since we've split up," she added. "It's still difficult, but it is getting easier."

Holly and Kyle initially split in Greece last summer, while filming for series eleven of Geordie Shore. They had decided to rekindle their romance back home again, but Holly revealed a few months later she and Kyle had split for a second time.

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