Tommy Mallet takes a swipe at Courtney Green after 'ar*ehole' comment?

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TOWIE star Tommy Mallet appeared to take a swipe at show newcomer Courtney Green on Twitter, after she and Chloe Meadows called him an ar*ehole.

Things have been tense between the girls and Tommy's girlfriend Georgia Kousoulou, after she and Danielle Armstrong clashed with Courtney. They thought Courtney had been disrespectful towards Danni's break up with her ex-beau James Lock and have been seen bitching about her onscreen.

Last week, fans saw Georgia break down after being branded a 'bully' on social media following her behaviour towards Courtney. Tommy had told Georgia she wasn't a horrible person and suggested Courntey 'deserved ' the treatment she had received...

Georgia Kousoulou gets upset over Courtney Green backlash, Tommy Mallet and Lydia Bright clash, TOWIE
16 March


In last night's episode of TOWIE, Chloe and Courtney had their say on how Tommy had reacted to Georgia's tears.

Courtney said: "I feel [Georgia] she does feel bad about what she has said to me, but she did take it a step too far. When I first met her I thought she was lovely, I never expected her to take it as far as she did... I feel like Tommy doesn't really help the situation."

Chloe added: "I really like Georgia, I just think she maybe just got swept up in it... [Tommy] gets so aggressive. I feel like she is the only person in the whole world who gets that he isn't trying to be an ar*ehole."

Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green call Tommy Mallet an ar*ehole, TOWIE
20 March


Chloe Meadows and Courtney Green call Tommy Mallet an ar*ehole, TOWIE
20 March


Courtney then said: "But some of the things he does say do come across a bit ar*ehole-ish... if that's a word."

Their comments seemed to hit a nerve with Tommy and taking to Twitter, he mocked Courtney - suggesting she had exhausted the recent drama going on between her and the girls.

Tommy tweeted: "I'm really really hurt by the names I was called on tonight's episode and think it was uncalled for and intimidating... Now I can't sleep."

He then added: "I got called a asshole.. I'm gonna play the victim all week now.. So upset by this... Haha only joking.. The only time mallet loses sleep is when he's thinking about £."

Tommy Mallet takes a swipe at Courtney Green on Twitter
20 March

© Twitter / @tommy_mallet

Tommy had originally said to Georgia: "Stop crying Georgia. Everyone knows you're not a horrible person. You do everything for everyone, you are the nicest person in the word... you stuck up for your mate.

"That's all you done right. She can't be giving it all the big'un about Lockie and not expect the backlash... she deserved it. You're allowed to have an opinion and that's all you done."

Georgia, meanwhile, has since extended an olive branch to Courtney and Chloe by inviting the girls to her Greek party. While there, she took the opportunity to apologise to Courtney and finally put everything to bed.

She told her: "It's nice to see you hear tonight. We can clear the air. I feel like things all got out of control. Your comments, you didn't think they were that bad because it was sarcasm, but we don't know that."

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