Stephanie Davis taking social media break after Jeremy McConnell is bottled in Liverpool by mystery attacker

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Jeremy McConnell was attacked with a bottle by a mystery assailant in Liverpool - but he's had to slam allegations that girlfriend Stephanie Davis was involved.

Jeremy had left Level Nightclub in Concert Square with Steph and some friend in the early hours of Saturday when the incident took place.

Jeremy McConnell sports black eye after being bottled.
20 March 2016.

© Snapchat / Jeremy McConnell

Jeremy McConnell sports black eye after being bottled.
20 March 2016.

© Snapchat / Jeremy McConnell

He explained via Twitter over the weekend: "Best night last night with loved ones and for the low life that threw a bottle at my face on way home and ran. Say you feel hard as nails."

But less than an hour later, Irish model Jeremy - who is now sporting a bruised and swollen eye as a result - also appeared to have had a string of tweets accusing Steph of the attack.

Jeremy said this is simply not the case and far from the truth.

He tweeted: "1 of the best loving nights iv had in along time and people try to say steph attacked me, give us a day off. [sic]

"Again people speculating. I got bottled on the streets of Liverpool. Police are looking into it. Thanks for your kind words everyone."

Stephanie Davis declares love for Jeremy McConnell on Instagram
17 March

© Instagram / @stephaniedavis88

Former Hollyoaks actress Steph also slammed the serious allegations, saying she was fed up of social media and would be taking a break.

She wrote: "Whoever invented social media, boring reading all of this. Will not be tweeting for a while. Steph."

It was only on Friday that Steph hit out at those who "cling on" to her and Jeremy's relationship.

She said: "Everyone has their own relationship, ours just seems to boringly get talked about a lot at the moment. With others trying to cling on to us in the same game to keep themselves relevant. Boring. Me and Jez are happy and that's all that matters. Nothing nice to say don't say it."

Steph and Jeremy only recently rekindled their romance following their second public split.

They split earlier this month after Steph discovered that Jeremy had slept with club dancer Caroline Pope in Newcastle following his CBB eviction in January, despite the fact that he previously denied it. Jeremy also revealed that he slept with a woman named Dani the day after he split with Steph this month.

Now back together, the pair - who found love during the 17th series of CBB while Steph was still in a relationship with model Sam Reece on the outside - have vowed to get counselling to work through their issues.

Jeremy has since said that Steph is the girl he wants to marry, and she has also commented via Instagram, saying: "It's been a whirlwind with ups and downs, but one thing that's true is that we love each other dearly."

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