Geordie Shore: Chantelle Connelly reveals her first impressions of her co-stars

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Geordie Shore: Newcomer Chantelle Connelly has revealed her first impression of her co-stars and it sounds like she wasn't that keen on Holly Hagan or Marnie Simpson.

Chantelle made her debut on the MTV show when it returned with its new series earlier this week, and she certainly caused a stir. We all saw what the rest of the gang made of her, but now she has shared her thoughts on our Geordie faves and Chantelle hasn't held back.

Chantelle Connelly, Geordie Shore
8 March

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Holly Hagan and Marnie Simpson, In The Style summer party, London
16 July

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Well, not when it comes to Holly and Marnie anyway.

According to the Daily Star, Chantelle has said: "When I first see Marnie my first impression was, 'Wow, she is beautiful!' but then I thought she was a bitch after that. She didn't really speak to us, she didn't bond, she didn't really care"

She then added: "Holly was bit of a diva — stuck up her own ass, did my head in a bit."


While we haven't yet seen what Marnie makes of Chantelle (as she hasn't returned to the house yet), Holly didn't seem too keen. She said: "I'm really missing my best friend Charlotte and now some loud, radge girl has made herself at home. This is the last thing I need."

She later criticised the 26-year-old, after Chantelle told her she was going on a date with Scott - despite Chloe telling Chantelle she was in love with him.

"What the hell? Chantelle is prepared to piss Chloe off and let Scott take her out on a date. She is either very brave or very f**king stupid. If I was coming into a new family that I didn't know, I wouldn't want to do anything that would p*ss anyone off. It looks like Chantelle doesn't give a f**k."

We predict plenty of drama ahead, you?

Geordie Shore continues Tuesday 22 March at 10pm on MTV.

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