Geordie Shore: Scotty T and newcomer Chantelle Connelly have sex after he confesses feelings for her?

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Geordie Shore: Scotty T and Chantelle Connelly get pretty steamy in the sh*g pad after he confesses he really likes her - and declares he doesn't want to pull anyone else.

Is he being genuine? Or is that just Scotty putting on the charm to get Chantelle into bed?

Chantelle Connelly and Scotty T, Geordie Shore
22 March


Even she admits she's not so convinced, but she's willing to take a chance on Scott one last time.

In a sneak peek video shared by MTV, Scott and Chantelle appear to have fallen out after he made a 'disrespectful' remark about the newcomer. We're not sure what exactly has gone down between the pair, but it sounds like Scott made a comment about Chantelle not being 'his bird.'

She tells the lothario she never wanted to be and he, unexpectedly, replies: "Well at the end of the day, I am treating you as my bird because I'm not pulling anyone else and I'm not with anyone else... I don't care. It's all because I really like you."

Doubting how genuine he is being, Chantelle says: "I don't know if I believe Scott, but sh*t I can't help but want to."

Scotty T and Chantelle Connelly kiss, Geordie Shore
22 March


Chantelle tells Scott she is willing to give him a chance, but if he blows it again, she will quite happily say 'see you later mate' to him. The pair then head off to the sh*g pad together and we can only imagine what happens next...

Looks like Aaron never got a look in!

Chantelle and Scott's bedroom antics come after she agreed to go on a date with each of them. Chantelle had caught the eye of both boys on her arrival to the house, leading Scott and Aaron to go head-to-head for her affections.

Chloe, meanwhile, won't be too pleased to see Scott has come out on top, as she told Chantelle she was in love with him. Still fighting with her feelings for her co-star, Chloe admitted: "Scott is inside my head and I can't get him out."

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