Charlotte Crosby claims she'll never quit Geordie Shore: "Why would I?"

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Charlotte Crosby has claimed she will never quit Geordie Shore.

She, Holly Hagan and Gary Beadle are the only originals left on the show since it first started five years ago. Fans have seen the likes of Jay Gardner, James Tindale and Vicky Pattison leave, but Charlotte has insisted she is hear to stay.

And we bet viewers are pleased to hear it!

Charlotte Crosby, London
15 October 2015

© Alex Huckle/GC Images

Speaking with The Daily Star recently, Charlotte dismissed rumours she could be quitting the MTV reality show and said: "I'm in it to the very end."

Denying she has got itchy feet, the 25-year-old added: "Why would I quit the best job ever? I get to travel the world with my mates and party. Newcastle is where I belong, I'd never move to London and go all posh."

Charlotte first appeared on our screens back in 2011 and her witty ways and drunken antics won us over from the get go. She stole our hearts thanks to her on/off romance with Gaz Beadle and viewers have seen Char have her heartbroken onscreen because of him.

Back in January, Charlotte and Gary rekindled their romance and the pair are now dating. Both have gushed that "everything is different" between them this time round, however, they haven't put a label on their relationship.

Gary Beadle and Charlotte Crosby - 14 March 2016.

© Snapchat / Charlotte Crosby

Charlotte recently told Reveal that "nothing is official" between the co-stars and she later revealed that's because she is holding back from Gary.

Char confessed: "I don't know if Gary is what I want. I don't trust him. I don't think I'll ever be able to trust him... because of everything he's put me through."

Her BFF Holly Hagan, meanwhile, is rooting for the pair to make it work and she told us recently she believes Gary has changed. We've seen the lothario sharing soppy Twitter PDAs about Char, posting smitten selfies with her and he even sent Charlotte a super cute Valentine's Day gift bundle.

Holly told us: "I have seen a massive change in him. The way he goes on about her... and the things that he says to her. I'll always support them in whatever they want to do... hopefully it will work out for them."

Holly returned to our screens last night as Geordie Shore's twelfth series got underway. Fans will have to wait until next week to see Charlotte, however, as she was late entering the house this time round.

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